My dash cam froze to death.

We had a sharp temperature drop last over the weekend – temps plunging down as low as zero. That actually makes it a relatively mild winter so far – I don’t think the temp even got as low as the 20 more than a couple of times.

The last file my camera recorded was in the 9th. I didn’t notice until yesterday that the small monitor was no longer working, and I pulled it out of its base and brought it in warm up, but to no avail. Windows doesn’t recognize it as a device when I hook it up to my PC.

:smack: I knew abstractly this could be a problem with electronics, but with the cam hidden by the rearview mirror I never even gave it a thought. Except of course when I moved it from the old car to my new one. :smack::smack:

I suppose I should feel lucky the two 128 gig SD cards are still good. They cost more than the camera.

Well at least you have the microSD so you didn’t lose any footage of dumb drivers on the road. I just bought a 128gb one for $34 so they’re cheap now.