My Daughter Played Her First Gig Today! or, Another Brag On Your Kids Thread

Yep. My daughter played out. In public. In front of a crowd. And of course, she did beautifully, because she’s a) a musical prodigy and b) she’s my kid and I said she was great, darn it!

It was actually a recital. She played the first song in her piano book, a little one-liner called “Let’s Go.” She played it, then she started to…well, I think musicians call it “improvise.” She noodled a bit, enjoying the smiles and attention. And she really dug the applause.

My husband said that believe it or not, even though her little rave-up made no sense at all, it was actually in key. :smiley:


Congratulations, Momma Al!

My kid doesn’t share the love of music. He’d rather tongue-kiss a wolverine than take music lessons of any kind. But he sings like a lil’ angel… Just like mommy!

Give her a big hug from me. That is wonderful. Not only musically talented buy comfortable in being herself. Awesome.

My brag this time around is the fact that my kids brought home wonderful report cards this time round. My daughter who has trouble in reading has brought all her grades up to B’s and C’s.
My youngest son learned how to ride his bike without his training wheels, but that scares the heck out of me since he has a habit of running into things.

Wow. She’s so brave.
When I found out that I had to perform at a recital, I quit my piano lessons. Kudos to Persephone junior for being so comfortable on stage!

Well Cristi dear, of COURSE she did beautifully, honey…she is YOUR daughter, isn’t she? How could she help but be brilliant?

And Kricket…same thing goes for you, and your kids.

I swear, I am the proudest honorary aunt in the world right now!


Much Love,


Called my mom last night to tell her about the recital. My mom asked how she did, and I just said “well, how do YOU think she did?” My mom’s reply: “Oh, silly me. She was flawless, wasn’t she?” :wink:

Kricket: Cool! As tickled as I am that both of my kids are showing musical aptitude, a good education and good grades are just SO important now. It’s wonderful to hear that your daughter has brought those grades up! That’s got to be a big plus for her self-esteem, too. :slight_smile:

Sparteye: I was actually kind of amazed at the ease she showed up there, like playing in front of people was no big deal at all. She made a lot of eye contact with the crowd, too, not just me & my husband, and smiled the whole time she was up there. But then again, this is the kid who after she would get done doing something that she felt deserved notice, would look at me and my husband and tell us right out to “say YAY!” :smiley:

Congratulations, Persephone! Seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that recently. Not that I’m complaining!

What is it about Michigan and musical families? Medea’s Child is also from the area and her whole family is musically inclined, too.

Congratulations again! :slight_smile:

In the rock arena, we call that a “solo.” ;)Your daughter may be on her way to becoming one of those virtuostic instrumentalists, who can do things on a keyboard that make your eyes go all crazy.

Jbirdman: The whole thing was a solo. Her teacher wasn’t up there with her at all. It was just my four-year-old, her ego (which she inherited from her lead-guitar-playing father, certainly not moi,), and a big ol’ grand piano. :smiley:

So she’s going to play at the Dopefest, right? Do we get to tip her? (It’d be her first paying gig…)

Get her to play “Pianoman” including the harmonica part and then have her play the local bars. You’ll be able to charge her rent. :smiley:

Sorry mrblue, she’s not going to be at the Fest. Goin’ to Grandma’s for the weekend. :smiley:

Funny you should mention harmonicas, though. We’ve got approximately eleventy-nine of them here (husband is also a darn good harp player), and the chillens just looooooove to wail on them too. Have I ever mentioned just how loud it gets here sometimes? :eek:

She’s 4 :eek: Wow that is impressive, tell her big congratulations from me!