Parental Pride Thread

My daughter Marybeth just made the sixth grade honor roll at her school! Woo hoo!!!

Feel free to add your own parental pride tidbits.

My son has received accolades from his schools librarian for teaching several kids how to use the computers. Not bad for a second-grader!

Go, Skirm! Go!

Congrats, Marybeth!

My son said his first word (besides “mama” & “dada”) last week. Being the BabyGuy that he is, that word was “car.”

Then last night, he said “book,” and something that came out sounding like “ree,” but he was holding the book up at me, so I think he was trying to say “read.” Cool, huh?

My daughter? Well, she hasn’t set the house on fire yet today. But it’s not her bedtime yet. She’s still got time.

My darling daughter does her homework without being told, lives on honor roll, occasionally surprises us by making dinner, has a wicked sense of humor, is very compassionate, and, despite being 15, still gives me a goodnight kiss every night. What a treasure!! It’ll be sad when we kick her out at 18! :smiley:

My daughter went poop in the potty yesterday for the first time. There was much celebrating in the house last night. DQ Dilly Bars all around!

My 4yr old son hasn’t missed the toilet while peeing in 3 days!!!

My three year old got a toy synthesizer for Xmas. His favourite thing for the first day was listening to the built in demo tunes.

When it started playing a piece of classical music (in three tones), I tried to remember the name and composer of the tune. As I was thinking, my son looked at my wife and said with great excitement, “Mommy, it’s Vivawdi!”

Yeah, that’s my boy!

You’re going to bring her on the 21st or not?

Or am I thinking of another fairy?

Um, well…the daughter of son and daughter of my grandparents is taking two AP classes and got an A- and A in them respectively. (That would be me. My parents don’t come to this board. Any board for that matter. The only person I’ve got in this world is me. Sigh.)

Flodjunior will be 7 in one month and is in first grade. He told his classmates about the lunar eclipse on Tuesday (it was visible from Europe, the rest of you relax) and encouraged them to go outside and look at it. He has just learned what an article, an adjective, and a noun are; he tried to teach me the symbols for them (it’s a Montessori thing) but I’ve forgotten them already. He groks multiplication though he’s a bit weak on his times tables: “So six times four is like taking four sixes and adding them.” “Right. And that makes how many?” “I forget.”

As for flod2k, who’s almost 11 months, he can completely destroy the house in the time it takes mamma to make a quick trip to the john :smiley:

TinyTot put on all his clothes today by himself and none of them were inside out, backwards or on the wrong body part! Yeah, I know he’s five and has done more impressive (to others) stuff, such as teach himself to read and all sorts of funky computer stuff, but this accomplishment thrills me beyond all belief.


Okay Parental Pride!

Not quite what you meant but Im proud of my parents and the things they have accomplished and come through. They’ve raised 5 reasonably sane kids and well then theres me.

I’ll never be able to do enough for them.I was a bit of a terror as a kid (they tell me) and I am amazed I wasnt shipped off in a small box with no airholes to Siberia somewheres.
Look foward to the day your kids get to say the same thing about you.

She’ll be in Florida while I’m in DC - she’s got school, ya know. Apart from that, she harbors a deep loathing of winter, and she has no desire to return north till the temps stay in the 70s…

My kids are still just a figment of my imagination!

Spritle junior has been speaking latin lately. Why just last night, I SWEAR he was looking at a fruitfly and saying drosophilia. Of course he’s only 14 weeks old.

He’s smiling a lot, laughing a bit, is calmed when I sing the ABC song, smiles when I sing “Itsy-bitsy spider”, pays attention when I read “The First Of Octember” to him. He grips with his thumb now and sucks his fingers. He’s almost 15 lbs now (that what, 8,429 liters?) which is amazing, considering he was almost not released from the hospital 'cause he lost so much weight.

Every day I tell him that I love him.

He caught a cold and everytime he coughe that raspy, barky cough a little piece of my heart just turned crispy and fell off.

Sometimes, he cries in the night and when I peer over the crib and he sees me he smiles.

When I feed him his night-time bottle, he looks up at me and grabs onto my thumb or pinky finger and holds it.


Every day I look at him I’m proud of him.

Mini2U (my son) is on the honor roll, and is going to be recognized at next Friday’s My-town High School basketball game for his latest reading accomplishment - we’s gonna be on the local (cable access) TEE-VEE!!! :smiley:

Aside from the increased potty-use (which is great, lemme tell ya)…

A couple weeks ago, my 3-yr-old son and I were driving home listing to some blues on the radio, and we started talking about the music. Specifically, which instruments were playing behind the voice.

I identified for him: Mandolin, fiddle (him: “What’s fiddle, mommy?” me: “Violin.” him: “Oh, deedle-deedle-deedle-dee? Okay.”), electric bass, and harmonica.

He identified: piano, guitar, drums, and then… bells.

Bells? I replied, I don’t hear any bells. There aren’t bells in this music.

Yes there are, he says, there! ch-ch-ch-ch! Bells!

He’d identified the tambourine. Which is, indeed, bells (really flat bells). I could barely hear the tambourine, myself, and picking it out behind all the other instruments was rather a struggle for me, even with him singing the sound along with it (in rhythm).

I love when he does things that I can’t do (or does them more easily than I do).

ugh. That would be ‘listening’ not ‘listing.’

My wonderful 10 year old daughter brought her report card home last week and has brought all her grades up! I am so proud of her, all A’s and B’s! And to top it off she has been making an extra effort to keep her room clean. What more could a mom ask for? :smiley:

My kids are all soooo good looking. (We used to have a really handsome mailman.)