My Digital Camera is Phuqued

So, I was downloading pictures into my computer the other day, and I went to un-engage the cord, via clicking on the icon as instructed. It never said anything after a long wait, so I unplugged it, and then it gave me a warning that I could damage my camera.

Which is evidently what happened. Now I have grey and white stripes on my viewer and I can’t see the image of my potential photos.

Exactly how fucked am I?

Does it use a media card of any kind? That might have gotten damaged.

If not, look for a reset button or remove the batteries and wait a few minutes and reinstall them.

Yes, it uses a media card. Should I switch it out? I couldn’t find a reset button.

Assuming you got your pics off the card, use the camera’s format option. If the card won’t reformat, it’s likely fornicated.

If you have another card, put it in and try it out. If it wokrs, then the camera should be okay.

Many thanks. I love this camera and I’ll be truly bummed if I cooked it.

Well, I changed the card and I still have the same problem. I looked at the manual and couldn’t find anything about a reset button. This truly sucks.

If you haven’t found a reference to a reset button, you might try Mr Blue Sky’s suggestion in post #2 - remove the batteries, wait a few minutes, and put them back in.

Actually, leave the batteries out for 24 hours to ensure that you reset the camera.

There is no reset button on the camera. You should have the ability to reformat the card, check your manual.

What’s the make and model of camera?

Yes, I believe I did see something about reformatting the card. I’ll give that a try tonight. Thanks again!!! (You guys are the best!)

Olympus C-5000. I just love it. It takes such beautiful pictures.