My dog ate the money!

Paper-eating pooch gobbles soccer club’s cash

OK this guy collects money from a fund raiser and now that money is gone.

The dog ate it??? Yeah right I believe that. :slight_smile:

And I thought my late lamented dog had expensive taste. The worst she ever did was to eat most of a $20 bill once. In grade school I had a teacher who said that “The dog ate my homework” wouldn’t work on her because she knew that dogs don’t eat paper. I think she must never have had a dog.

The dude says he is taking responsibility for the loss.

Which means he’s “laundering” the money Cosmo ate?

I’d hope that he’ll wash it after it comes out of Cosmo.

Ha. My dog just ate the box a roll of aluminum foil came in. Left the foil and the metal blade thing.

There was a show on Animal Planet or some such in which a dog had done exactly that. They rushed the dog to the vet and they made the dog throw up (apomorphine I think), and recovered pretty much everything. So the story is pretty believable.

Dogs’ll eat cat shit, and money is even dirtier than that (just kidding, but it IS filthy), so hey, who knows!

My dogs are attempting to eat my entire house so I have no trouble believing they’d eat money. Little bastards ate my favorite fly swatter. It was broken in. :frowning:

We make sure we keep money and important documents out of their reach because we have caught them eating paper products before.

I’ve learned the hard way to keep money of any surface the dogs can reach. They can’t resist it for some reason. Money, the kleenex box, and its contents are better than dog treats to them.

I always used to wonder what it was about their poops that made it so they didn’t have to wipe after taking a crap. Now I know that their crap has its own TP built in.

“Show me the money! SHOW ME THE… uh, no, Cosmo… please don’t…”