My dog eats cat poopie...

He just this minute was helping himself to the litter box buffet.

We have to keep the kitty box where the dog can’t reach it - she loves them feline tootsie rolls… ick. :eek:

Mmmm…Almond Roca! JellyMutt likes it so much we had to cut a kitty door into a small closet and put the catbox in there. So essentially, my cat has her own damn bathroom :rolleyes: . JellyMutt still manages to lurch for “pate” when she’s out for a walk…

Unfortunately, cat box crunchies is a normal thing. Try getting a hooded litterbox…

We’ve got a hooded litterbox. We keep it facing the wall. If it wasn’t behind a closed door (with a kitty door) the box would wind up nudged away from the wall and raided. Anyone who’s seen and petted Bernie* knows* she’s not underfed. But she can’t resist the siren song of kitty doo.

They must like it because it’s crunchy.

Frankly, it does cut down on the amount of time I spend cleaning the box… I always try to look on the bright side! :smiley:

Synchronicity, or the wheel of life, or something like that…

Imagine, cleaning the cat box less and buying less dog food.

Now if you could only teach the neighborhood squirrels to eat the dog poop, and shit out little cat kibbles, you’d be in great shape!

The explanation I’d read was that there was a lot of partially-digested protein in there, and dogs are following some sick primal instinct to get easy protein treats. Maybe they’re trying to guilt you into buying them steak?

Man, if THAT isn’t an on-point ad, I dunno what is.

It’s the CIIIIIIIRCLE of LIIIIIIFE … :smiley:

Seriously, this made my day.

I live with two dogs, and they eat cat poop all the time. They treat the neighborhood like a giant turd buffet. Today I was taking them for a walk and they helped themselves at every opportunity…then when we got home they licked me all over.

(Why can’t they lick me before eating the cat poop?)

Ever tried cat poop cookies? They look just like freshly planted kitty nuggets, but are completely edible (for humans). They’re yummy!

They actually sell a supplement you can put in your cat’s food to deter this.

Well, sheesh…they eat their OWN poop, don’t they?

Cat poop probably seems like a gourmet meal.

Do they? My dog is absolutely REPULSED by her own poop. She only poops in certain areas of the yard and if a toy gets thrown near poop, she’ll sniff around, make a funny face, gingerly grab the toy and run.

Now, GOOSE poop…she can’t get enough of that stuff. Nummies!


Ooooh I LUV having a super intelligent dog. It took me a few times, AND the covered cat box facing the wall, as well as several scolds, but she got the idea after a few days and I havent had a problem yet.

Plus I’m super picky about the cat box and usually clean it twice a day, morning and night.

If your dog is strong enough to nudge the cat box away from the wall, would it work to put something heavy on top of it?

My dog eats the “treats” in the litter boxes, too. I find it utterly repulsive. The cat boxes are in a corner in the basement, and we’ve set up some old chairs as a barrier so she can’t get at them.

I will, however, call her over if one of the cats throws up. She will happily ‘clean up’ cat barf, too. Ooooh, a hot snack!

I need my eyeglass prescription updated. I read the title as “My dog eats cat people.” My mind began to race. Too many possiblities. People who like cats? People who dress up as cats? People who think they are cats? Has a new race of catpeople been discovered? The dog eats these creatures? I own two cats, should I hide?

The mind wobbles.

After reading this, I think I like “cat people” much better, even if it makes my mind explode.

It’s doggie caviar. Serve it under glass.