My dog has poop breath

Specifically, cat-poop breath. She seems to think that the big plastic box in the corner of my bathroom is a snack tray.

Just a few minutes ago, she came to me with kitty litter stuck to her nose and cat-poop-breath spewing all over me.

Stupid dog.

She’s confined to the back porch for now. It’s drizzling and I don’t care! I need to come up with a doggy breath mint. I’m so glad I’m taking the cat back to the boat next week. Meanwhile, I guess I need to keep the door to my bedroom shut.

Stupid dog.


BOTH of my dogs did that when my second was still a kitten…GAH…it’s really the grossest thing imaginable…although not that uncommon in the animal world.

I guess they think they’re little tootsie rolls.

Where is the barf smiley when we need it??

So, your dog’s breath smells like cat poop?


Well, she’s had a pork rib bone to gnaw on and I gave her some real dinner. The odor seems to have abates, but she won’t be licking me any time soon. ick

Like I have posted so many times before, Never kiss an animal who can lick its own butt!

Dogs eat cat shit because they think it is Almond Roca. Remember that tiny piece you gave him a few Christmas’ ago? Well, hes still in search of the “Font of Roca” and has mistaken it for the cat’s ass.

Never feed Almond Roca to a dog, and…

Never kiss an animal that can lick its own butt.

What, you like scooping the cat box? If you could just teach the cats to eat dog shit, you’d have a perfect household balance. Surely a little bad breath is a small price to pay. :smiley:

Ah, kitty crunchies!

They’re K9 gourmet food, you know.

I’m afraid very little will keep poocho away (that won’t keep kitty away from the litter box too, that is). Keep the box where puppy can’t reach…

Or suffer poopbreathdom… :smiley:

BTW, pet breath mints are available at any pet store, but cheapest at Target. They even have ones like the “breath strips”.


What really ticks me off is when I came home, I noticed the box was fragrant and I thought I’d better clean it. Then I got distracted by the laundry and forgot.


It’ll be outta there on Thursday. So there’s that.

Wait till your doggy comes across horse poop. :shudders: It’s quite common among dogs and my cute little puppy does it too, if I don’t keep an eye out for him. So I’ve googled to try to find out why and more importantly how to stop it. There doesn’t seem to be any consensus at all about either question, but maybe I should start a GQ thread in case someone has solid advise to offer.

And I seriously suggest you brush the teeth of your dog. I do with mine. He enjoys the Braun Oral B swooshing around in the mouth with Colgate kiddie toothpaste on it.

Horse poop shouldn’t be an issue unless we take her to my mom’s and turn her loose, and that’s not likely to happen. And once we build our new house, we’ll have a basement and we can put the box where the cat can get it but the dog can’t.

As for brushing her teeth - that gave me a giggle. When I try to brush her coat, she flops down on the floor. I can see me with a tube of Crest over a prone hairbag! :smiley:

Yeah, Jake does that too, FCM… but he was about to chomp down on his own poop. Revulsive!

My friend has a dog who eats his own poop… ewww


I have seen “doggie breath mints” at Bed Bath & Beyond and at Petsmart. They are in an Altoids size tin. Maybe you can see if you can find those : )

Our family dog would eat pretty much ANYTHING, including his own vomit. Dogs, as loyal and loving pets as they can be, have disgusting habits - no getting aroun it!

I’ve read that they actually do this because they like the undigested bits of cat food in the poop. Blech.

My dog used to dine at the forbidden table, but she kicked it about two years ago now. I think it was the combination of her just plain getting older, and me switching to a swankier cat food which equaled less poo. Thank god, because there’s very little in this world nastier than watching your dog drop a litter-encrusted cat turd onto the living room rug and then dive in like it’s a fresh steak. Hork

Something I was wondering about - would the clumping litter clump up in the dog’s gut? I’d hate to wind up with a vet’s bill out of this.

Stupid dog.

I have a friend who told me a charming story about his dog. Before friend could stop it, doggie had devoured a whole pile of cow poop. That’s bad.
It gets worse.
When they came home, doggie discovered that it might taste good, but it sure upsets the stomach, so it up-chucked all the cow poop on the kitchen floor.

Brushing the teeth does wonders for doggie breath. Mine doesn’t mind, but for those who can’t, I’m sure breath mints work just as well.

Although most people find it repulsive, it is quite natural for dogs, especially puppies to eat feces. (Feces found in kitty’s litter box is an especially favorite treat.) Fresh feces closely resemble the first solid food the puppy ate: warm, semi-solid, semi-digested food that mom regurgitated for her pups to eat.
Often this behavior will just go away when the pup matures. In the mean time, keep the pup’s toilet area as clean as possible. Be sure that the puppy is checked for worms and other possible problems such as something lacking in the dog’s diet. It is a good idea to have the dog’s diet approved by your vet, or switch to a nutritionally complete dog food sold by your vet or pet store.

Many owners have had success in stopping this behavior by supplementing their dog’s diet with one spoonful of canned pineapple or a teaspoon of spinach or a dash of MSG. There are products on the market such as ‘Forbid’ that can also be added to the dog’s food to help stop the problem

There is another theory that I subcribe to. It is a neurotic compulsion on the part of the dog and stems from the way the dog is treated. It is difficult, if not impossible to stop a dog from eating it’s own feces (once he begins), am unsure about the cat shit.

Well, my dog is far from being a pup - she’s almost 9. But she is a bit of a garbage disposal. We have to be sure not to leave any food within her reach, or she’ll take it. Obviously, that also applies to the cat box.

Not an issue. By this time next week, the box o’goodies will be 800 miles away. Doggie will have to content herself with ordinary doggie biscuits.

My sister put it like this once: “He licks his pecker and licks his ass, and then he wants to lick my face? NO DAMN WAY!!”

I couldn’t agree more with both of you!