My dog is a cat.

I have a 65-pound (all muscle) Rottweiler-Border Collie, Preston. He’s playing with his baby sis in this video.

This is my mundane pointless stuff: I have one of those deep-pocket beds, which means it is unusually high off the ground. I’m 5’8" and I have to kinda crawl up on to it.

I was lying on it watching TV, and Preston jumped up on it and* I had no idea *until he was right behind me with his nose in my ear. Hand to god. He is the most agile, light-on-his-feet dog I have ever seen in my life. My cats couldn’t have leapt onto the bed so delicately. And he does it from a standing start.

I just had to share that.

Amazin’ what the furbabies can do ain’t it! Oh and most excellent music choices in that video! :smiley:

That would be rather surprising for a Rotty; but not so much for a Border Collie. I had one that could climb trees, and leap onto a 4-foot-high bench from a standing start.

Agile little buggers.

my pom is a cat in the sense that he thinks everything revolves around him and that he is able to convey “you are not the boss of me” in body language.

I’d rather he had stealth agility.

Years ago I had a doberman who purred when you pet him.

It scared the crap out of people who didn’t know him because they thought he was growling.

I’d demonstrate the difference by putting one hand around his snout and lifting up his hind quarters with the other, while saying, “that’s not a growl, THIS is a growl!”.

Cute video. The dogs have their own sofa outside? And they haven’t gutted it yet? LOL just wait.

Just wanted to say thanks for that link; I’m not a dog owner, but I spent all 4.5 minutes watching that with a smile on a face. :slight_smile:

So cool!:smiley: You’re welcome! Thanks for letting me know!

That’s exactly why I am dog owner, because no matter what is happening in life in general, they will make you smile. :slight_smile: I can watch dogs play for hours, they are so funny and free and goofy…

Cats are the new dogs.

And wrt the video: aaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!

It appears that your pit bull will grow up happy and well adjusted, particularly with the Rottweiler to keep him in line.

Her! She’s a she. Zusje…sounds like sushi with a Z. Means “baby sister” in Dutch. Cuz she’s his baby sister. And I don’t speak Dutch, I just ran words and terms that meant something I liked through multiple languages on Google Translate to find a word I liked the sound of that would make a good name. Tried “good girl” “baby girl” “little sister” baby sister" etc. Zusje sounded cool.

I always have opposite sex dogs… much less friction.

Presumably, called after the initially evil but finally tamed cyber-dog, in the Wallace and Gromit episode “A Close Shave”?

No… I had a Golden mix named Tucker who died at 5 years old from complications of epilepsy medication. It was brutal on me… I spent a whole day in the vet’s, holding an oxygen max to his face. Incredibly painful loss.

Two weeks later I got my boy to help me and my remaining Golden, Maggie, pick up the pieces. I was stuck about a name and a friend suggested Preston as an homage to Tucker…Preston Tucker was the man who made the Tucker automobile, the one they made a movie about. And I jumped on it. Also because it seemed like a very elegant name and he’s a very elegant dog… the cat-like moves, and all. :slight_smile: