My dog is ill

This may have been my fault. :smack: :smack: :smack: I just found a puddle of what appears to be detergent with chlorine, soaked in the carpet close to where Zoe had urinated and defecated when she got sick. I’d thought it was a urine stain but it foamed when I ran the carpet cleaner over it. :smack: I say “with chlorine” because this stain is now whiter than the surrounding carpet. I did use a toilet bowl cleaner yesterday, so that’s probably what it was - but I knew that stuff was bad, that I should keep it away from the dogs! How the heck did I manage to spill it? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: I’m such a bad dog owner…

I’m trying to reach the vet to see if this new piece of info would change the prognosis but if the stuff did any damage to her digestive systems, they would have seen it in the blood work, right?

Well, at least you found out what it was. I’ve heard that dogs love the taste of bleach-- one of their many peculiarities.

Don’t beat yourself up too hard. These things happen even when you try to be cautious.

I hope Zoe feels better soon, and you too! You had quite a scare!