My dog is the smartest dog ever!

Having been here for a mere 3.5 days, he has already mastered the doodie pan and slept through the night in his doggy cage (on my bed, beside me, lest he freak out.)

He’s still a bit vague on the whole “walk” concept, prefering to ride instead, but I’m sure that will come soon.

Just wanted to share…


I thought you were a rabbit/fish/bird/turtle woman?

That “ride over walk” thing might just be reinforcing the whole “smartest dog ever” claim. Don’t want to wear out those little tootsies, now do we?

She was until she adopted a puppy. Do keep up.

Well, I was out of town working! :slight_smile:

I still posted, just was kind of tired and didn’t read the forums like i do at home.

Voltaire? :dubious:

Our dog protects the house by barking at polar bears or any other animal that it sees on the TV. It also protects us by barking at the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner. Loyal and brave, yes, but not in the running for smartest dog ever.

Currently, Voltaire has developed a new game.

It’s called “Wiggle oneself under the cushons of the couch until hopelessly wedged in place and then wimper plaintively until mumma rescues you.”

I think it’s rather creative myself.

Additionally, he has a masterful command of important dog skills such as drooling, chewing, tail wagging, and being cute.

Hes a genius, I tell you. A genius.

Glad the little feller is fitting in. How is the bunny bun bun dealing with the new addition?

Awww I love puppy’s.

However they grow to be big dogs. Enjoy the cute puppy stage alice and beware the fully grown dog burrowing under your couch cushions.

Take lots of photos, alice. Sounds like someone’s experiencing full blown puppy love. I’m very happy for you.

Currently Benny the Bunny is grudgingly accepting of Voltaire, but I’m sure he’ll warm up soon. He’s a really Bunny’s Bunny, but I feel a leap accross the species barrier is only days away.

Fortunatly, even when Voltaire is a big dog, he’s not going to be a very big dog. About 12 lbs. My sofa cushions should survive. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Zenster, I’m madly in love with my dog. The SO is managing so far…

I love puppies! He’s a bichon right? I want pictures!!

Has he learned how to get out of a locked and running car, though? Mine has… (but nobody cared :::sniff:::slight_smile: – so he’ll have to throw down the gauntlet and make a Doggy IQ Challenge. :smiley:

(I want to see pics, though!)

Well, you’ll certainly get a good price for the litter.

Sorry, but my dogs are smarter.

Guinness will take his blanket, and try to cover Bailey up as a part of their play. Guinness and Bailey also TALK to each other. Yes, talk. They lay down on the ground, head to head, and make chortling noists; thing is, each one takes a turn and chortles for a few seconds, stops, and waits for the other to start.

Guinness and Bailey do reverse retrieves, which is something o a Portie trait. Take a toy, have the pooches do a sit-stay, hide the toy somewhere in the house, come back, and release. They’re off and running, and they won’t return until they find the toy.

Well, I have left the poor baby at home. Alone, in the care of Benny the Bunny. My heart is now broken.


Flash, the World’s Best Dog ™ can be scarily intelligent. A few years ago, I told him to go find his ball. He looked all over the room (excited 'cause he knew we were going to play fetch), but couldn’t find it.

I said, “Well, don’t look at me. Maybe you left it in the computer room?”

He jumped up and shot into the computer room, and came out a few seconds later, ball in mouth.

The thing is, I never trained him to know that the first bedroom is the computer room!

Every now and then, I’ll look over at him and tell him I KNOW that he can understand every word I tell him. He plays dumb, though. He knows he’s got a cushy job, and if I know he can understand me, I’ll have him doin’ all sorts of menial tasks.

THAT’S a smart dog.

Damn… I want a puppy again. I miss that smell- there’s something about the smell of a puppy (well, as long as it’s clean).

Yes! The clean puppy smell is fabulous! <sigh>

I’ve gotta say that his bone breath is atrocious, however…

My German Shepherd puppy is so smart, he’s got someone to clean his sh*t up after him.

My dog is way cooler then yours! She is a Princess Puppy!!