My dog isn't sick

I’m at work today only thanks to a couple of big swills of Robotussin DM. Last night as i huddled on the couch debating whether I’d come in today my dog was curled up next to me. It got me to thinking … I don’t think I’ve really ever seen the dog sick.

Sure she’s thrown up a few times over the years from drinking too much ocean water at the beach or eating a dead bird - but I don’t think she’s ever been sick sick. My last dog of thirteen years was the same way.

Apparently, there are dog flus and and dog colds - but I’ve never seen them. How is it possible that my old dog that lived a full life and my middle aged dog now have never gotten sick? (I certainly don’t know any humans I could say this about)

I walk my dog every day - it comes into contact with other dogs (especially in the summer as I live in a beach town) - I do have her on the normal flea/tick stuff - and I just feed her grocery store bought food (not the cheapest stuff - but not the expensive stuff either). If it matters, both the old dog and the current one are border collies - both rescues at about two years old.

Anyone know why dogs don’t seem to get sick that often?

perhaps they are constantly sick and this is their ‘normal’

Probably because we shoot them if they get too sick. This has two effects. 1) they do their level best not to let you see they are sick, and 2) improves the genetics, since it’s mainly healthy disease resistant dogs that breed.