My dog managed not to die

A year ago today, I posted this.

I am happy to report that a year later, my dog is doing quite well and shows no indication of dying any time soon! I just wanted to thank all of you for your support & kind wishes. I know who to turn to when the time comes to report his condition as being otherwise.

I remember the original thread. I’m glad he’s doing so well!


This is great news! As a fellow beagle owner, I remember reading your previous thread and feeling really bad about the situation that you and your hound were in.

I’m glad to hear that things are better now!

I am not a medical skeptic and I do trust vets to do their best but I am convinced there is so much less we know about animal physiology. One reason for sure is their inability to give us verbal feedback as to what ails them, but I digress.

Four years ago I noted a large mass in my Newfoundland / Mix’s throat. Several escalating vet visits later the answer was cancer; needs surgery, chemo & radiation. Expected cost $8000.

I could not do it. I cried and wished Dexter well, and kept an eye on him to see if he was in pain so I knew what to do. I picked out a nice spot in the yard for his grave.

Four years later the mass is no larger, the dog is still the same old tablescrap moocher he ever was, and that spot in the yard remains untouched. the only thing I notice different in him isthat he snores. Loud.

Glad to hear your worked out well too. Unknown does not always equal bad news.