My Dog search update

In this thread, I was asking your advice for a dog.

I was really leaning toward a Maltese or a Maltipoo but was not finding one that seemed a good fit for us.

Then I came across her. She seems to be all we are wanting. She gets along great with my daughter and our dog, Stubby. She’s not yappy but she’s “little-girl-cute” and fluffy.

She is a powder puff Chinese Crested (I had no idea there was this variation).

My daughter is so thrilled and can’t wait until Friday. This is to be “her” dog. The name so far is Fifi, but that might change 50 times until Friday. :slight_smile:
And juuuuuuust to be sure, because I apparently did not mention it enough in the last thread: YES, she is a rescue dog.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

Super cute. Congratulations!

Looks like a good family addition, am happy for you. :slight_smile: ~loves dogs~