New puppy!


Our beloved Charlie died almost two years ago and we finally took the plunge with another pound puppy. She’s tiny (for reference, that’s my 3 year old she’s next to in the picture and he’s pretty little), cuddly, and cute. She’s an ace so far at going to the bathroom outside, too! Now we just have to think of a name. In the running are Nutmeg, Molasses (call her Molly), Bear or Tim Tam (my husband’s Australian…this is his contribution :slight_smile: ).

Snookums wookums what a cutie pie! What is she? I like Molly or Bear. I keep trying to get people to name their cats, dogs, or children Madeline (Maddie for short) but nobody’s done it yet. So keep Maddie in mind.

Awww!! Cutie pie for sure! I vote for Molly… she looks like a Molly to me! Smooch that widdle puppy face for me!

We have no idea what she is (the pound didn’t know). She’s much smaller than our Charlie was when she was a puppy and she ended up being 38 lbs full grown. She had three sisters and one brother. Two sisters looked just like her, one sister was white with brown ears, muzzle and paws (and a pink nose) and the brother was all black.

She’s adorable, though I don’t think that’s a 3-year-old with her in the photo! Nutmeg sounds good, but is likely to be altered to Nut or Nutty.

I could see her as a Gaia.

She is really really cute.

I like Nutmeg or Molly. If she were mine and I had to choose, I’d go for Nutmeg.

Huggie-Buggie-Pinchie-Winchie. Or Molly.

Vegemite? :slight_smile:

Ha ha - we went through of bunch of Aussie-themed ideas (Possum, Bindy, Bitzer), but didn’t think of that one!

My elderly down the street neighbor’s little dog is Vegemite. I thought that was sweet, until the old dear (seriously, if she’s younger than 80 I’m shocked) told me all the dogs were Vegemite, since the first one they got as a married couple.

60 years ago.


Petal? If you name her Molly, will she then be Mazza? Or Maz?

Woke up this morning and the kids were calling her Molly, so Molly it is!

I really like Molly. But did your Aussie husband think of Matilda? Mattie/Maddy/Tilly/Tilda/~ are all acceptable shortnings.

That would’ve been cute, too. My mom just called and suggested Winnie, which I really like, also.

Ooh, very cute! What is she, as far as breed or mix?

Love. At last.

Dogs are so much more wonderful than cats. I said it!

She’s adorable. I thought “Nutmeg” at first, but I agree–she just looks like a Molly. Many years of love, laughter and snuggles to you!

Who’s a shweet widdle Molly…you are! Dat’s wight, you are!

Congrats. She’s adorable!

I can’t even begin to guess. Based on her sister’s coloring, I’m going to say there might be some beagle in there. Maybe a little pug? Or shepherd? Or maybe a little Jack Russell? All of the above? She’s funny…wake up, eat, drink, go outside for a pee, come back in and PLAY PLAY PLAY, snoooooooore. She zonks out mid-pounce. Here’sanother picture!

She’s adorable.

I vote for Molasses for her name.

My car is Tilly! It’s a shame I wasted that name on a car I don’t like much.