My Dogg suddenly loses balance, falls over

Please help I’ve read post on here but I had to post my own just in case any new info was out their. I have a six year old pitbull nices Dogg I’ve ever had. When she comes in she goes to the kitchen to get water is when I notice she pauses then just falls the side and when she tries to stand for like thirty seconds she can’t just keeps stumbling but it goes away in less than a min. It’s happening when she comes in more often now. When she comes in she gets excited and she has to climb six steps to enter the house .I thought it could of been the tile floor but now it’s happening on the carpet. Any and all explanations,information,anything will be appreciated thank u for your time.:frowning:


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do the pooches eyes bounce rapidly back and forth?

See above.

I took her to vet ten weeks ago besides being just a little overweight which we have under control now she has a clean bill of health. I haven’t noticed the eye shake but that’s the next thing IM gonna check I’ll let u know as asap yes or no. Btw if they do shake what would that mean? I know nothing good. Thanks every one one your input. Sorry for posting in wrong section.

our pooch as well as a friend’s pooch had vestibular syndrome, loss of balance, rapid eye movement, head tilting to one side…but as recommended a trip to the vet, could be many things…

Health problems have to start some time. Just because she was healthy last week doesn’t mean she is healthy this week.

Even if she was fine ten weeks ago, that’s more than enough time for something to develop or worsen. She needs to go to the vet again. IMMEDIATELY.

Yes, vet trip is absolutely necessary. Immediately if not sooner!

Tell your vet, “I think my dog is having seizures,” and your vet will take it from there. Ultimately, they may not be able to find anything definitive, but can start anti-seizure medications which may really help, if that’s what it is.

I had a 12you Golden do this on me and I was sure it was a stroke or something. Bundled her in the car, barely able to drive, and the vet came out to the car. He listened patiently to my panicked description, then looked into her eyes for a minute. (He was, of course, looking for the telltale eye vibration of ODVS.) He said, “Take her home and help her out for a few days. She’ll be fine.”

She was, and the scare was enough to make her last six months a bonus time. The next time she had trouble walking, it was widespread thoracic cancer, and she never got off the exam table.

It could be the extra “g” force pulling your Dogg over.

But yeah, see a vet, stat.

While you are at the vet, have them trim her nails.

I used to have a dog and near the end of her life, she would be walking along and suddenly fall. The vet gave her a full check up and a clean bill of health and she didn’t fall again for a couple of months, then it started happening again. Took her to a different vet, clean bill of health, and she didn’t start falling again for a couple of months.

I started asking the dog rescue people about it and someone told me that I needed to check her nails on a regular basis because as an older dog, she wasn’t as active and didn’t file her nails down while running around. I started trimming her nails once a month and she didn’t fall again until a year later. That fall was much different and she didn’t come home from that vet visit.

I thanku all for taking the time and for your input. When this started happening I took Kayla to the vet first thing she’s part of the family. The vet said everything was okay besides her weight. IM gonna trim her nails and check her eyes, but anything else that comes to mind please post. Thanks everyone for your input. PS the extra “g” makes her feel special :slight_smile: