my dogs ear!!!

my dog seems to be having a problem with his right ear i am thinking maybe mites i have tried to look into it but he will not let me it is itchy and when he scratches it he begins to yelp his left ear is clean and although i only got a quick look it looked dirty inside his right ear i have a vets appointment monday just thought maybe we have some dog lovers here

Your dog very well could have mites or something of the sort. My dog experienced the same symptoms as your dog, and after about a month (maybe two) the problem was solved. The vet will give you some kind of salve, or possibly ear drops, that you will have to apply by yourself. You say your dog won’t let you near your dog’s ear, though, and this could be a problem; ask your doctor about this. for what it’s worth, I own a chow, and if one can get access to a chow’s ear, then one can gain access to any dog’s ear! Don’t worry, though; the problem is easily treatable; my dog had one of the worser cases of it (she has very narrow ear canals), and she’s now completely ok. Hope everything goes alright.


should have mentioned 85 lb. 3 year old nuetered male yellow lab full of piss and vinegar thank you


Be very careful. Two months ago my dog had some issues with his ear to a point where he scratched the hell out of his ear and the side of his head. I freaked when I came from being away for a few hours and his face was raw and no hair just to the front of his ear.

I had cleaned it earlier that day, and two times a day two days prior but it ended up itching so bad he could no longer tolerate it.

That’s been about two months ago and he still has yet to grow all the hair back that he scratched off.

He had to be put on antibiotics, a cleanser and an ointment for 7 days…but trust me, it was the worst looking site I had seen in a long time…he almost scratched his skin off, God I freaked out.

< BTW, he’s always had ear problems, no mites or anything, just yeast type of infections >

I think you need to be a little crafty with your lab.

They are very food orientated so it might be worth bribing him, just show him the tidbit and get him interested and gently reach for his ear, rub it gently on the outside but leave it at that.

Once he has become used to that then you might be able to try lift the flap up but again just lift it up and no more.

Eventually you should get a look inside.

You might even try looking in the other ear first to gain his confidence.

You need to look in dogs ears regularly, they are often cause for concern so they need to be accustomed to your doing so.

jjason, good luck. I have a golden retriever, same size as yours, who is mighty prone to skin allergies and has had more than one ear infection. The first ear infection got rinsed out by the vet before getting treated… I’m guessing the same’ll have to be done for yours. My dog is incredibly well behaved and let the vet rinse his ear, but as for letting us squirt the prescription gunk in it afterwards, well, let’s just say that no amount of wheedling, begging, trickery, bribery, or sheer force could hold him down long enough for me to get near him with it.

casdave is right, though; sooner or later you will need to look in there and probably apply some ointment or at least clean the area on a regular basis for awhile. The fact that he’s yelping is not good; I’d want to see whether or not there’s puss/blood in there right away. Thankfully my dog’ll now let me clean his ears with cotton balls and q-tips, but if I pick up anything squirt-like, the gig is up.

My best advice for you (aside from seeing the vet asap) is to not let him itch. If this means putting a lampshade on him (I forget what those horrific things are called), you need to do it. The vet will probably recommend the same. If he hasn’t ripped the skin open yet by itching, he will eventually, and then the problem will get worse. Massaging the ear from the outside whenever you get the chance will probably go a long way toward making him comfortable until treatment. Again, good luck!

I’d get the dog to a vet ASAP, as there are several possibilities. Ear infection is one; ear mites another; allergies are a more distant but likely third. Ear infections in dogs can lead to hearing loss, just as in humans. If it’s at the stage where the dog’s yelping when itching – it’s very painful.

Dogs seem to have a level of pain three or four times higher than humans; I wonder if it’s ever been quantified? Oh, that’s a separate thread. . .