How do I get sand out of a dog's ears?

I have a boxer who loves to go for a run in the field behind my house. Just like in a Roadrunner or Speedy Gonzalez cartoon, the stupid dog leaves a dust wake. Seriously.

The problem is that he’s getting sand in his ears, and it’s enough that he’s flipping his head constantly to try to get it out. It’s driving him nuts, and us by extension.

How do I get his ears cleaned? I tried using a veterinary ear cleaning solution called Solvaprep, but that left his ears bloody and irritated because of rubbing creating scratches.

A little later, we tried irrigating with hydrogen peroxide. Some success, but it’s not working fast enough to suit the wife, and the dog really hates it.

Other ideas? Wife want to use the shower head, but I’m vetoing that because the water pressure will be too much…

Pressure washer?

Seriously, I’d call a vet and ask. With any luck he/she will tell you without charging. At worst, you’ll have to bring the dog in and find out how. Then do it yourself.

Or you could get an old-fashioned aviator’s helmet. The dog would look cool with that and goggles, and the ears would be protected.

Please please please don’t try to remedy this yourself! Hydrogen Peroxide in a dog ear isn’t a good thing either. Take him to the vet because the sand in the ear plus all your treatments could cause serious hearing damage.

I second a call to the vet. If gentle flushing with clear, warmish water isn’t working, then you need professional assistance.

A dog’s ear canal sort of turns at a right angle as it goes into his head. If the sand is down past that angle, you are just going to need a different set of tools to get any progress.

If you got the Solvaprep from your vet, explain to them what happened. Be honest.

Vets have special ear irrigation equipment for washing out ear canals - I believe it’s basically a syringe with a special blunt needle that has sideways pointing holes. This will sort out your pooch’s immediate problem, and if this is a regular issue they may be willing to sell you the equipment and show you how to use it yourself.
But DON’T go pouring chemicals into any orifices without getting a professional opinion first - you’d feel pretty shitty if you leave your dog with permanent earache or deafness. It may be that dilute H202 is no problem, but ears are delicate things.