Water in a dog's ear

If and when water gets into a dog, or any other similar animal’s ear, where does the water go? What are the effects of the water on the animal’s hearing?

If you open the dog’s mouth at the right moment, the water will come spouting out like some cute little garden fountain. You can actually train them to sit still while you do this, too!

(INTENSE SARCASM ALERT: anyone caught doing this to a dog/cat/other animal will be automatically sentenced to nineteen consecutive eternities in the Ninth Circle of Hell with his/her head shoved firmly between Beelzebub’s buttocks.)

Probably just sits there because eventually it will run up against the eardrum and have nowhere to go. Until Fido shakes his head and the water comes back out.

Cave Diem! Carpe Canem!

That reminds me… I’ve always wondered…

If and when water gets into a human’s ear, where does the water go? What are the effects of the water on the person’s hearing?

Water will come out of a dog’s ear when he shakes his head. If the dog has floppy ears, water is more likely to remain trapped in the ear canal and that can cause an infection. If you have a dog that goes in the water a lot, go to your vet and get some ear cleansing solution and have the vet teach you how to properly clean the ears.

Not exactly the an answer to the question, I read in a dog book that if fire crackers or thunder make your dog go berserk, It recommended putting mineral oil in the dogs ear. For anyone who thinks this might be cruel, the preferred method for removing human earwax involves putting mineral oil in your ears. Let me tell you, its not uncomfortable, but it makes you deaf as a post for a good 20 minutes. My dog tends to shake his head a lot when I use this treatment which suggest to me that if there was water in his ear, he would just shake it out.