My Downloads folder freezes when I open it and...

Microsoft says it might be spyware.

So, I ran full sytem scans with my up-to-the-minute AVG anti-spyware and anti-virus.


In my Downloads file, I have multiple copies of something called Hurl, which when I delete (all copies) it always comes back - in multiple copies.

When I simply click on the Hurl icon, I get what looks like a small black Dos screen that stays open for just an instant. It looks like the word ‘town’ is in the upper right - above the black screen, but I’m not sure.

I’ve had this Hurl thing for a long time and it never caused any problmes before, so maybe that’s a red herring.

Any suggestions?

Boot into safe mode and then try new scans and removals of Hurl.

Fine idea, PatriotX. I will do so <he says, sneaking off to the book for safe mode booting>.

Thank you.

I always get a Hurl file downloaded when I listen to soundclips on Amazon. It opens RealAlternative and plays the file. Has never caused a problem.

That’s encouraging, Myglaren, because after opening in Safe mode then running the virus/spyware scans and coming up with nothing, I found and trashed Hurl and all its copies.

Did a Search and all copies are in the trash.
But when I listen to something online it might come back.

However the problem - or a version of it persists. Whe I use Explore, I frequently get an error message that Windows has enountered a problem and has to shut down Explore.

Seems like the Safe Mode, scanning for viruses and spyware, plus hurling Hurl to the trash can did the trick.

No more problems with Search.

Maybe all my system needed was the computer equivalent of an enema. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks, PartiotX.

And so I misspell PatriotX.


My brain needs an enema.