My 'dream ending' to this nightmare

Only a dream, folks. Only an idle dream…

After a year or two in office, the disgruntled basket of despicables will realize factories are not going to start up again in 'Murica. They never will. They’re gone. They’ve had their gonads tweaked by promises of millions of high paying jobs. Gone. (They also thought, ‘now we, too, can order our own hot underpants models out of catalogs.’ Gone. (as. if.) ) The enticing image of a topless Melanoma waving to them from the upper story of the White house - just a sad pipe dream. Gone. Trump will desert them, just desert them. Betray them. Trump will hopefully do something so awful (to their dim understanding), even the most rabid Trumpeteers will turn against him. They’ll storm Trump Tower with torches and pitchforks (because of course he won’t be anywhere NEAR the White House). Trump will flee the country with a shitload of money, enough to fill a cargo ship. He will run into the arms of his true love, Putin, and they will live happily ever after. Trump’s goal is completed. He is done. 'Murica and Trumpeteers were only a means to all that. … The end. the clueless con man, in over his head, bugs out, leaving his despicables standing there with their dicks in their hands. How I would love that little scenario, even if it does mean we will be living in a bible humping fundy gulag shoot-to-kill second-best in command.

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Twill remain just a fantasy.

If (When) the Trump promises are broken, unemployment among his voters remains high, factories don’t open, and corporations and the very wealthy mysteriously end up with all the money, what do you think Trump voters will do?


They will blame the Democrats. They will blame Obama. They will blame Hillary. They will even blame other Republicans. But they will never put 2 and 2 together to blame the one responsible. Because doing so would be to admit THEY WERE WRONG. And this, for the Trump voter, is unpossible.

Dems need to find someone in the 45-55 age range who isn’t identified with any prior administration who will loudly and repeatedly point out that Republicans own this whole mess now.

So, President Pence?

I’m willing and able.

No matter how large the disaster created by Trump and the Republicans, they’ll just blame liberals, women, homosexuals, Jews, brown people and so on and persecute their victims even harder. Or even not created by them; these are the same sorts of people who blame hurricanes and earthquakes on homosexuality.

“brown people” when did this become such a common phrase? What happened to black or people of color? What happened to the former favorite of the concerned and virtuous, “swarthy?” Are brown people the global victim now and I didn’t get the memo?

Exactly. They’ll say that Donald TRIED HIS BEST but all of these other individuals and groups-- don’t forget the “crooked media”-- kept blocking him and preventing him from *making America great again. * And you know how they’ll know with absolute certainty that that’s what happened? Because Trump will tell them. And they will believe him.

More than anything else, this is what bugs me.

Even if Trump literally becomes a new Hitler, proclaiming himself President for life, well, even Hitler died. And Germany is a better place now. We’ll survive the Cheeto. It may not be pleasant, though.

But the fact that the “average American” is so goddammed stupid not to realize what you said - that churns my stomache. And there’s nothing that can be done!

The new American motto: Nothing is my fault!

Both “black” and “people of color” are still widely used as neutral terms to refer to people in those racial/phenotypic groups. “Brown people” has been used for at least the past quarter-century as a sort of sarcastic shorthand for “people that white conservatives regard as unimportant and expendable”. This was popularized by George Carlin’s 1992 “Jammin’ in New York” set, for example:

How have you not noticed that this phrase has been common for the past couple-three decades or so? Just not paying attention?

Another bit of sarcastic shorthand, similar to “brown people” but with connotations of “people that white conservatives regard as threatening and scary”. Concerned and virtuous people tend not to use “swarthy” non-sarcastically as a neutral descriptor for people who happen to be dark-skinned. The sarcastic usage seems to have been largely inspired by Ann Coulter’s infamous September 2001 remark (which resulted in her being fired from National Review Online) about requiring domestic travelers to present passports that “can also be checked with the home country in case of any suspicious-looking swarthy males”.

Again, octopus, where you been that you didn’t even realize how this term is used and how it gained popular currency? Are you, like, fifteen and you just missed all this stuff back when it happened?

:dubious: It has always been blindingly obvious that you never got that memo.

What about the white people we bombed to get this country in the first place? Or, the white people who burned the White House?

I’ve seen those terms for awhile. I just never thought about asking the etymology.

Saying brown people is a good way to include African Americans and Latinos and Muslims all under one roof.

My dream ending is far less dramatic.

Trump’s presidency lasts only one term and in that time he accomplishes absolutely nothing of any consequence while avoiding a major international conflict and economic setback. Thus denying Pence a chance to become president. No progress made during the Obama administration is reversed. Garland is appointed to the SC and RBG catches her second wind to serve out the next 4 years. Republicans are frustrated at every turn by Trump’s lack of commitment to any conservative policy/agenda. Meanwhile, Democrats find their collective asses with both hands and pick someone who can actually inspire and lead the country in a progressive direction.

Trump declines to run for re-election and fades into obscurity by suffering sudden onset dementia or stroke.

Ok, Not Ok

Except that not all Muslims are brown. Does this guy look brown to you?

Edited to add, similarly, not all Latinos are brown, either. Unless you’re just using brown just to describe all non-Europeans.

and then deporting them? :smiley:

But the people who hate Muslims* think* they are; hatred of Muslims has largely merged with hatred of non-whites.

Recall the insistence that Obama is a “Secret Muslim”? He’s not white, therefore he must be a Muslim.

I’m waiting right now, and watching.

I want to see if (it probably won’t happen but it might) there is an AUDIT OF THE ELECTION.
Not a recount, but an audit. There are discrepancies, and they have been noticed by people who know about these things… the wonks in the Defense Dept, M.I.T. and Berkely - the guys into computers and statistics.

Right now the focus is on Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Curiosity about Wisconsin has centered on apparently disproportionate wins that were racked up by Trump in counties using electronic voting compared with those that used only paper ballots. This group has signed an open letter to congressional leaders stating that they are “deeply troubled” by previous reports of foreign interference, and requesting swift action by lawmakers.

“Our country needs a thorough, public congressional investigation into the role that foreign powers played in the months leading up to November."

A post-election audit in this document refers to hand-counting votes on paper records and comparing those counts to the corresponding vote counts originally reported, as a check on the accuracy of election results, and resolving discrepancies using accurate hand counts of the paper records… The districts with computer tallies are different from paper hand counts or optical scanners

Post-election audits that detect errors can lead to a full recount.

We already know the Russians and their Wikileaks stooges were hacking into voter registration systems and DNC headquarters. We also KNOW that Trump had remarked that he wanted Russian help (though he later claimed it was a joke(?))