My dreams would make good B-movies

I rarely remember my dreams. At most, I usually remember the general gist of my dreams for a couple of days at max. However, there are several dreams that I remember quite clearly, and I realized that they would make pretty good B-movies.

The first one is a dream that I had when I was about 15 years old. A Stereotypical Mad Scientist had created two machines in his barn. One was a “Time Regresser” that could revert a creature back to its ancestral roots. The was a “Miniaturization Transformer”, which could shrink things to about 1/4 of their original size. He invited some of the neighbors over to watch his first demonstration of the two machine. The neighbors included: a teenager (me) and his younger sister, a black woman in their early 20’s, and a ex-marine in his mid-30’s. He first demonstrated the “Time Regresser” on two lizards, which promptly turned into Tyrannasauras Rexes and ate him. The neighbors and I tried to run away, but one T-Rex knocked into the Miniaturization Transformer, activating it and shrinking us and the T-Rexes. We ran for the opposite corner of the barn, and climbed a ladder to escape, which was difficult since we were only about a foot tall. We managed to escape the upper stories of the barn, except for the death of the black woman, who was caught by one of the T-Rexes. We determined that we would have to distract the T-Rexes somehow, so we could rebiggen ourselves and turn the Rexes back to lizards. We managed to open one of the lower doors of the barn by tying a rope to the ex-Marine and lowering him out a window to pull the sliding door open. One of the T-Rexes exited the building into a electric-fenced in area. The ex-Marine then slid the door closed again, but before we could pull him up, the T-Rex jumped up and bit his head off. My sister and I, inside the building, couldn’t see anything until his headless body was dragged inside, causing her to scream.

We decided that the only way to get to the machines was for me to act as bait for the T-Rex that had remained inside. I had my sister lower me by the rope to the first floor of the barn. I then engaged the T-Rex in a cat-and-mouse game, hiding under piles of straw, running through holes too small for the T-Rex, etc. Meanwhile, my sister managed to rebiggen herself, and had set up the Time Regresser in reverse mode, and then I ran in front of the machine followed by the T-Rex. My sister activated it, but both I and the dinosaur were caught in the beam. When the smoke cleared, the T-Rex had turned back into a lizard, and I had gained a giant head and mental powers. Then I woke up.

The other dream is one I had recently, one in which I myself play no part in. It was set in a post-apocalyptic world, in the ruins of Chicago. The nuclear weapons used had caused mutations in some people, creating werewolves and vampires, and giving some people mental powers. The werewolves did not have the ability to change form at all, but instead were locked into the a form which looked kind of like the Lycans from Underworld, but moved mostly on four legs. They could only be killed by silver, which did damage to them as it would to a human. They could spread “werewolfism” by bites, and were strong, fast, and numerous, but pretty stupid. They could talk, but usually didnt. The vampires were the leaders of the werewolves. They were extremeley smart, fast, and powerful, had telekinetic powers, and regenerated quickly. They also could be killed only by silver, but in a different way than the werewolves. If you stabbed a werewolf in the heart with a dagger and then removed the dagger, it would still die. If you did the same to a vampire, it would heal in seconds and laugh at you. The silver had to be kept in them long enough to kill them. Vampires had a complex hiearchy amongst themsleves, and there are only about 100 in the world. Vampires are severely weakened by sunlight, while werewolves are discomforted but not damaged much.

The werewolves and the vampires had capture most of the remaining humans and kept them as we do cattle. There was an underground of free humans, who performed raids on the pens to recruit more fighters to kill the werewolves and vampires. The raids were performed by teams of 2-4 humans with various mind powers, armed with a combination of silver knives and swords, and guns firing silver bullets for the werewolves, and bullets loaded with liquid silver nitrate for the vampires.

The team which the dream concerns is a 2 man team, composed of two brothers in their late 20’s. They are the most successful werewolf and vampires killers ever. John uses 2 silver knives about 12 inches in length, and Mike uses a gun which looked like a G-11. John has the ability to slow time Matrix style, and Mike has 360 degree mental vision and knows where his bullets will go if he fires.

They attack a pen during daylight, but are driven off before they are able to get all the way in. They manage to free only a young girl about 10 years old named Amanda. As they travel back to their home, they are slowed by the girl, and do not make it back to their home before night falls. With the coming of night, the werewolves in the area attack, leading to a long fight sequence, with John basically protecting a 15-foot circle around Mike and the girl while Mike kills the werewolves outside the circle. Finally, the vampire in charge of the werewolves in the area arrives. Mike is out of ammunition, and one of John’s knives had been broken. He offers a deal - he will spare the lives of the girl if John and Mike will surrender and be placed in suspended animation, so the vampire can show off his power by capturing the legendary duo. They agree, and are placed in the entrance of the vampire’s home. At this point I woke up.

The next night, the dream resumed. John wakes up in an unfamiliar area surrounded by 3 people in their early 20’s, two women and a man. They tell him that 60 years have passed, and that Steve and Sarah are grandchilden of John, and the other woman, Jennifer, is the grandchild of Amanda. John asks what happened to Mike, and it is revealed that his body was destroyed by the vampire in the escape that freed Mike. John then trains the 3 people to attack the vampire’s home, and falls in love with Jennifer, who does not seem to return his affections. Jennifer uses a sword and his similar time-slowing powers, while the Sarah uses two pistols and Steve uses Mike’s G11, and have powers similar to Mike’s. The four attack several months later, finally making their way to the vampire’s inner sactum, where John fights the vampire while the other three are trapped by the vampires telekinesis. John manages to stab the vampire in the throat with one dagger and in the heart with the other dagger, but is mortally wounded by the vampire before it dies. Jennifer rushes over to him, and confesses her love for him before he dies. The last image is of his eyes closing in the foreground with the vampire laying on top of him, while the other three run from the building.

Anyone else have B-movie dreams?

My dreams are X-rated movies.
(may contain weird thoughts,disturbing images,sex and violence)