My drugs! My drugs are here!

I admit it- a hopeless addiction to Penguin mints. I ended up buying their Christmas bundle and it arrived today! Which gives me … mm … the equivalent of about six hundred cups of coffee sitting in front of me (not counting the twelve tins of decaf mints).

Time to quickly research the LD50 for caffeine before it’s too late.

Of course, I’m going to end up working like a bat out of hell today. I mean, really, where can you get this much of a stimulant at that price? The only cheaper solution is a meth lab in your garage, and that’s not really environmentally friendly. These mints, though, WOO HOO. And 36 more tins brings me ever closer to my ultimate goal.


Wait, hear me out. It makes sense. What I’ll do is get several hundred of these tins, and about six gallons of caulk. Then I’ll shape them into a lawnchair, goop it all together, and take it to the beach and impress all the babes. It’ll be even better if I can put intact tins in the armrests, so I can just flip one open and take mints directly from the chair.

Clearly, the bikini-clad lasses are going to swoon.

Dude, I MUST party with you!

You should’ve seen me in college …