My due date is 11 days away and the waiting is driving me crazy

I was all set to have a long pregnancy - both my brother and I were two weeks late, so I figured I’d follow in my mom’s footsteps in that way. No big deal, my pregnancy has been pretty easy, and I told everyone I was due in mid July anyway (padding it a bit so people wouldn’t bug me as much with"haven’t you had that baby yet?" comments).

Then at my 36 week checkup, my doctor told me there was no way I was going to go last until my due date, and i could go basically whenever. I freaked a bit, wrapped up all my current projects, finished buying everything we needed for the nursery, then - started waiting. Same thing at my 37 week appointment. “Could be any time!” and at my 38 week appointment.

I am now officially losing my mind. I’ve read every post on the dope. I’ve read all my interesting books. I’ve played all my good video games. I’ve cleaned the nursery. There is nothing left to DO, and I’m bored. I’m 50% effaced, 4cm dilated, and had my bloody show a week and a half ago. I’m ready to meet my son already!

You seem to have done everything there is to do, but there are 2 ways to deal with it: either do something to take your mind off it, or do something related to it. Like either start playing online chess or read parenting books. (Yeah I have no good advice but I’m sure you can think of something!). Good luck with your remaining weeks!

Our doctor told us that the prostaglandin injection my wife received Friday night probably precipitated our son’s 4:30 am sudden arrival.

I was just flattered I could help.:smiley:

Generally good advice but sadly, after your bloody show, you’re not supposed to have sex or introduce any “foreign object” into the vagina. Increases infection risk.

Although ahem there’s some evidence that orally administered prostaglandins are just as effective. :wink:

Whoops! Good to know. We attempted to nudge things along in that manner last night, but we’re unsuccessful - my husband wasn’t feeling up to the task. Turned out he had food poisoning and spent half he night puking, so I’m at least glad I didn’t end up going into labor then!

I wouldn’t worry about it. If your waters are still intact, there’s still a “seal” between the baby and the outside world. It’s just being cautious, y’know? :slight_smile:

Good luck! The baby will come out, sooner or later, I promise. It just feels like it’s forever.

Based on past experience: make sure you have a sink full of dirty dishes. Decide that you’ll fill up the car with gas tomorrow instead of tonight. Put off daily housekeeping crap for a day or two. Works even better if there’s some really crummy weather in the immediate forecast.

You’re welcome. :wink:

By the way, congratulations!

I guess you don’t feel like horseback riding?

kidding, I’m sure your son will arrive at some point. hope it’s soon & easy!

I kind of think that it will be hilarious if I now end up going to (or past) my due date. Of course, at that point, I’ll think everything is hilarious, as I’ll have cracked up an will be laughing to myself in a padded room somewhere.

Part of it is that I’m generally so used to being busy! I work from home and moonlight as a freelance copywriter, so I’ve gotten accustomed to dealing with a massive to-do list on a daily basis. My entire to-do list for this week consists of 1) Buy toilet paper and refill a prescription, 2) return library books, 3) write a blog post, 4) doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and 5) give the dog heartworm meds.

Anyone have ideas for things I can do now to help prep for the first couple of days/ weeks with the baby? I feel pretty ready - since I can’t nurse or change diapers in advance! - but maybe there’s stuff to do that I haven’t yet thought of.

I think all of this is just my kiddo’s way of reminding me that, seriously, they don’t come with manuals and they don’t follow the rules.

Write him letters for each birthday. Tell him about your fantasies, wishes, dreams and advice for each year of his life. Put them somewhere safe.

Got any old stacks of photos lying around waiting to be put into albums? (This idea may be horribly out of date in today’s world of digital photos, but you never know.)

Clean out your file cabinet - shred any documents you no longer need to keep, file any that haven’t been filed. You will not have time to do this for another 4 years, minimum. Might as well get those folders thinned out now.

Set up a free website where you can post updates on the labor, delivery and early weeks with baby. When people want to know what’s going on or just congratulate you, they can go to the website, rather than call you at what’s a perfectly reasonable hour for normal people, but the one time you managed to actually fall asleep while the baby is napping. It’s nice to have it all in one spot, rather than splattered all over your Facebook, and you can archive it for him to see when he’s older.

Got frozen meals? In three weeks, you’ll wish you did. :wink:

My daughter (just turned 21) was born on her due date. It was the last time she was on time for anything.

I’m so sorry honey. Time to start detailing the bathrooms with a toothbrush. That’s what I spent the last week doing. If you make a paste with baking soda and apple-scented dish soap, you might really enjoy doing it. I know I did.

Also, wash out the inside of the fridge with it. And all the kitchen appliances, in fact.

Oh, and have you made ENOUGH baby quilts and afghans? Are you sure?

Sattua, that baking soda mixture - does it work on grout?

iftheresaway, at least returning books to the library means you can get new books. Find one you really want to finish. Or better yet, a series. It works on the same principle as Lacunae Matata’s suggestions.

Seriously, I agree with getting some meals or easy to use ingredients into the freezer. Maybe shopping for some extra staples if you have the room.

And try to get some rest. You can’t store it up, but well-rested will help you start without a deficit, and might make the whole process go better. Take advantage of the opportunity if you can. Movies you want to watch? Sit back and enjoy. The next time you’ll probably have a baby on your lap.

Two questions:

  1. Where do you live?
  2. How **YOU **doin’?

What? I’m helping!

This is actually the one big thing on my to-do list that I keep putting off… the perfectionist in me wanting all the pictures in exactly the right order before I put them in albums.

Hmmm, the bathroom could use some scrubbing (I’ve already cleaned out the inside of the fridge… and the cabinets… and the heating elements on the stove…). And as the first grandchild for three separate sets of grandparents, I haven’t even been able to buy him a set of clothes. I’m worried he’ll outgrow what we do have before we can get him into everything!

I do have a stack of library books, I’m just having a serious bout of “kid on Christmas Eve” syndrome: I know I’m going to get a New Toy soon, so all my old toys (books, movies, games) seem boring in comparison.

  1. Near St. Louis
  2. Oh, fine, fine. How about yourself? :smiley:

Mrs. FtG goes into “nesting mode” when the time comes. Wanting to fix up stuff, etc. Apparently a common phenomenon.

With your personality, would you be able to tell?

Is there a road nearby with lots of potholes and ruts? Maybe you could go for a drive…?

Have a nice baby! :smiley:

Hmmm, that depends on what’s wrong with the grout. The mixture’s two weaknesses are that (1) it isn’t disinfectant and (2) it doesn’t contain a bleach. If all you need is grease-cutting power with a mild abrasive, though, it’s AWESOME.

My daughter was born something like fifteen days early.

I had a friend with a due date that was a week before mine.

She went a week late.

People were FORBIDDEN from mentioning I’d had my baby already - she found out AFTER her daughter was born.

Good luck, keep sane.