My wife is 6 days past her due date.

This sucks. We’ve had two false alarms. Every day we think it HAS to be today, but it isn’t. If she doesn’t go into labor by monday morning, they’re going to induce her. This is really getting annoying.

That sounds very annoying, but at least you’ve got a definite endpoint either way. I’m told lateness is a harbinger of brilliant, attractive kids.

-Marley, born 10 days past the due date

Please, please, for your own safety, do NOT give her the impression that it is more annoying to **anyone **than it is to her.

Oh, and those frickin’ messages that people leave on your voicemail? Hiiiiiii. OMG!!! You must be off having the baby? OMG! Did you go and have that baby without telling me? Are you having the baby RIGHT NOW?

Delete those before she has to listen to them. Really, man. Just do it. Those phone calls made me homicidal.

This isn’t Dio’s first rodeo. I’m sure he’s got that covered.

Both our mothers are calling like twice a day. I’m being pretty annoying myself. “What are you feeling? Was that a contraction? How about now?” I’m trying to tamp it down.

One of my fellow organizers in the office’s wife is pregnant. The due date is November 4th.

That’s obviously a worst-case scenario.
-an Obama organizer

Has she tried a dose of castor oil? That can sometimes get things going, and so can a good bout of sex. My son was two weeks late and we got him going by doing the wild thing the night before–he ended up being born on November 4th, and we’re hoping for a really good birthday present this year!

You’ve tried sex, right?

You’ve tried sex, right? Am I the six hundredth or the six hundred and first person to say that?

ETA - it told me I had to wait 60 seconds!

My mom recommended castor oil. She said it worked for one of my brothers. My mother-in-law, who is a retired neonatal nurse, says it’s baloney. My wif’s OB says the same thing. It’s just confirmation bias. My wife’s doc said to try intercourse or nipple stimulation. Well, I’ve been rubbing my nipples for 3 days now and nothing. :frowning:

Since I’ve posted this thread, she says she’s had like three contractions. Fingers are crossed. Bag has been packed for two weeks.

How long do they normally wait to induce a woman? And is there a “margin of error” on due dates?

Are you kidding? That’s how we got in this pickle in the first place.

How do you think they got into this mess in the first place?

There’s a big margin of error, but (for us at least), they’re waiting a full week past the due date to induce.

She just got another contraction. This might be it.

Sounds like about a contraction every ten minutes or so. Could be something! Here’s hoping, Diogenes. Good luck!

[Confirmation bias] Posting on the Dope induces labor! [confirmation bias]

Yeah, that’s a feature of the server upgrade. We should’ve mentioned it earlier.

I suppose this is not the time to ask if you decided to name the impending kid after your favorite mod? :wink:

Still coming about every ten minutes. Don’t know if we should put the other girls to bed or not. They’re probably too wired to sleep right now, but it will most likely be a few hours before we have to leave (if we have to leave), so it would probably be good to try.

Sorry, no. The name will be Kali Hope the Cynic. The middle name is a nod to the next President.