My DVD drive won't play certain movies most of the times...

…but some times it will play them. I can still explore the files of those DVDs, but they won’t play (I have tried several software players).

At first I though it had problem reading dual-layer DVDs (it has no problems with DVD-Rs or data DVDs). But no, most of my other movies are dual layer and it has no problem with them. I also tried ripping the DVDs, but even the ripper couldn’t read them.

And it is strange because sometimes the drive will read these movies. :confused:

The drive is a 4x DVD recorder made by LG. (The full code is GSA-4040B). I have not changed the original firmware. My computer runs Windows XP

What software are you using to play them?

I have a GSA-4040B. What movies are you having problems with?

I had problems with my original DVD-reader (an AOpen drive) and The Wings of Honneamise. This disc has a slight yellowish tinge. My standalone DVD-player and the GSA-4040B could read it.

You may be suffering what I was a few years ago. My DVD-Rom had a mis-aligned laser, and it would play some DVDs okay, but jam in others, causing image breakup.

If so, you may need a new player, as fixing your current one would be more expensive than replacing it.

Cripes! I just burned a couple of DVDs and they cannot be read :frowning: I guess I need a new drive.

I’ve seen some dual-layer recorders seling for £50. I got the one I have now about £100 and it’s only single layer.

I use AsusDVD (which is PowerDVD in disguise) and DVDXPlayer. I tried to rip the offending DVDs with Smartripper, AnyDVD and DVDRegionFree.

What do you think about that? It costs £62