my early use of cats (PPCT)

I found your extremely interesting article on my early association with felines by leaping kopjes from Egypt (where by the way I donated my cats as being gods). Interesting, and almost as interesting as the theory that I evolved from a swimming ancestor. Now, as any female will tell you, swimming is not conducive to keeping the hair neat and tidy! It also involves squishing through mud to reach the water (mucky mucky) and needs a large supply to soft leaves for drying afterwards. So no, I don’t think I evolved in water, but I do believe my modern incarnation (dexterous-fingered-lucy) has taken up with two cats again and finds them everything your theory suggests.

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I should point out that the Pliocene Pussycat Theory (PPCT) is not my theory, but was developed by Lorenzo L. Love, a frequent contributer to the sci.anthropology.paleo newsgroup. He has also developed The Subterranean Ape Theory