My eighteen-month old neat freak.

So, Piper Cub and I are having lunch, he in his high-chair, me at the kitchen counter.

I settle him in with his nibblies and go back to my lunch. My mug o’tea is cold, so I pop it in the micro. Once it’s hot, I go back to the counter.

At which point Piper Cub starts speaking, in Cub dialect: “Mahhar-wah-ba-too”.

I look up. He’s still got his meal in front of him, and a sippy of milk, the two things that phrase normally is used to call attention to.

I’m trying to think what else he wants, when I realise he’s pointing.

At the microwave.

Specifically, at the microwave door that I didn’t close.

“Mahhar-wah-ba-to” he repeats, insistently.

I go over and close the microwave door, and he contentedly returns to wolfing down his lunch, order having been restored in his universe.

It could be a long 16 and a half years until he leaves home…

Oh if only my kids were that neat and tidy at 18 months. It could have saved me a lot of heartache in recent years. All my kids are absolute slobs.

If he turns out to be the neat freak you suspect him to be, you will have a blessing in your household and never have to tell him to pick up and put away his crap.

So when did he start changing his own diaper?

The Kidlette started sort’a trying to change hers at about 8 months. She would place the folded clean one on top of the old one and slap the old one’s stickers. Her mother reckons it will be a lot easier to potty train The Kidlette than it was to do it with The Kidlet.

The Kidlet has been known to point out stuff other people have left out of place; when we respond by pointing out something he has left out of place, he laughs like it’s the best joke ever and puts whatever away. But in his case I think it’s got a lot more to do with nurture than nature, poor kid has been subject to more rules and orders in his 4 years and change than your average first-world college student in his whole life.

My daughter was very much about everything being in its place at that age. Two years later, not so much.

Once when I was shopping with my (then) one year old daughter, I unknowingly dropped my grocery list.
She was very insistent. She was pointing to the floor saying “Paper! Paper!”
It’s always amazing to me how much they know and notice at such a young age.

A friend’s granddaughter has this tendency, but her mother is a neat freak, so maybe it’s to be expected. So far, the funniest thing she did was when she was a flower girl in a wedding. She and the other flower girl were supposed to walk down the aisle scattering flower petals. The first little girl scattered the petals, and friend’s granddaughter picked them up, all the way down the aisle.

Once while Celtling was napping I cleaned up her playroom. She was about 1.5 - 2 years, I guess. When she got up, she looked around the room and said “Ooh, Good job! ! Good job cleaning, Mommy!”

It’s nice to be appreciated! :wink:

A friends’ 2 year old is like that. This door is supposed to be open. Another is supposed to be closed. Shoes don’t belong in the living room, but must be moved next to the front door. All accompanied by pointing and “Oh no!!”

An update: Mrs Piper gave the Cub his sippy of milk in the living room. He drinks from it, starts to set it down, then looks disconcerted and looks around. Spots a coaster, moves it over to in front of him, and sets his sippy down on the coaster.

Well thats just incredibly cute. What an awesome kid.

My daughter was sorting laundry as soon as she could grab it and move it. God forbid you move something from one pile to the other. She is 4 now and is a big fan of “all clean!” except you know, actually cleaning.

I’m certain she will grow up to be a neat freak just to screw with me. I was raised by a woman who vacuumed the floor 7 times a day. I can sleep through a spring cleaning like no one you’ve ever seen.

Maybe he is a reincarnated soul of a a 50 year old engineer or something.

I was babysitting my year-and-a-half-old neice one time, and after I fed her she made noises to get out of her high chair. As soon as I put her down, she requested a napkin with one of her favorite words: “Tissue?” and proceeded to wipe down the floor around her high chair with all the intensity of Joan Crawford. I was absolutely gobsmacked- what toddler asks to clean up their own mess? I had visions of my sister yelling at the kid, telling her that she was not to leave the room until every stain was gone from the floor. Then, I realized, that my mother had been watching the kid in lieu of daycare – It turns out that my neice was doing her impression of my mom, (right down to the groaning at getting down on her knees), who would scrub down the floor after the kids ate. Since I didn’t get right to it, my neice decided to keep up the routine.

When my son was a preschooler, he sorted all his underwear by color and character.

He is still a pretty tidy and organized kid. Sometimes it looks like an explosion happened in his room, but because he is a purger (he has six t-shirts in his drawer … if he doesn’t like something, it goes away - clothes, toys, books). Likewise, the only “stuff” in his room is “stuff” he wants to keep - which isn’t much), its never bad.