My email addy visbility

I just had a new user email me as an aside from a thread we were participating in.
Don’t mind that person contacting me, but I had forgotten I put that in my profile here.
Is visibility for that confined to registered users? Can non-Dopers see it?

As an experiment, I logged out and then clicked your user name to see your profile. I was sent to a screen telling me I must log in to view that page.

Only registered posters should be able to see it. You also have the ‘email me’ option enabled, meaning posters can view your profile and get your email address that way. So if you’re not comfortable displaying your email address as part of your Biography field, you could just keep that.

I’m cool with registered users seeing it. Mostly worried about Spambots finding it, but registering at the board to harvest my email info is probably too much work for most spammers… a thousand easier ways to get it.
Thanks for the responses. I consider this answered.