How do I hide my email adress?

I’m new here. I just want to be private/safe since I may be asking questions related to personal issues. Is there a way to hide my email address? Thanks.

You’ve figured it out already. When I click on your user name and select “send email”, I get the message “Sorry, this user has chosen a privacy option that prevents you from viewing this information.”

Welcome to the board!

When I click on his user name, I don’t even see the “send email” (nor the “send PM”) sections of his profile to click on.

They appear in the drop-down menu when you click his user name in a message he has posted. As another user said, attempting to use the send email option results in an error. He seems to be allowing PMs though (I didn’t actually send him a PM but I brought up the PM screen with no problems).

If you’re not logged in when you click someone’s user name, all you see is “View Public Profile” and “Find all posts by [user name]”

You have to be logged in to see the other options.

Okay, I get it. When I click on the user name at the top of a message, I don’t get that drop-down menu at all – I just get carried away directly to his publicly-visible profile page – where, in the OP’s case, the e-mail address and send-email and send-PM links are totally absent.

I see now, it’s because I run my browser with JavaScript disabled. Enabling JS, I get the drop-down menu that Canadjun describes.

I continue to run with JS turned off. Everything that I need to see and do works well enough for me, and pages load MUCH faster – much more so on many other sites than on SDMB. And NO ads here on SDMB! And much less exposure to malware! The inconveniences are minor, IMHO. (None of the editing tools at the top of this edit box work, nor do the smilies at the right. I have to hand-type all my BBcodes. That’s fine, for an old command-line & troff fart like me! :slight_smile: )