My email to Trading Spaces

I haven’t kept the fact that I have a huge crush on Paige a secret. It was starting to seem as though they were using less and less of her on the show. That’s bad. So I sent an email to Trading Spaces suggesting that they need to use more of the host, Mrs. Davis, for three reasons: the host can use budget and time constraints to put a plot to the show (redecorating is pretty boring to watch); she can balance a bad personality (such as Laurie); and she can balance the power of the designers’ personalities vis-a-vis the home owners they’re working with.

A few weeks went by and I got a letter back from TS saying thanks and we’ll send this to the boss. Then a few weeks after that, it seems as though Paige has been showing alot more concern for the budgets and time. Surely I couldn’t have influenced the show, and certainly not in that time frame.

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say. Nothing spectacular. Though, if you send a letter to the show advocating for more camera time for the host, you won’t hurt my feelings.

I’m sure that what you’re seeing is just a coincidence, because if they actually took the advice of people who wrote in, Hildi would no longer be on the show. Ever. :smiley:

Jadis–I think for sweeps they should have a Hildi vs. Kia design-off, and the loser (or maybe I guess the winner, actually), has to leave Trading Spaces forever. Kind of like a wrestling match or something (How great would that be, if TS had storylines and stuff? Vern and Frank would be the good guys, Hildi and Kia would be the heels, etc.).

I think they’d have to include Doug “People are tasteless idiots who should worship me for enlightening their pitiful little lives rather than burdening me with their preferences because I get paid thousands of dollars to do this for paying customers” Wilson.

I haven’t even seen that many episodes of the show (although my wife loves it) but the couple of times I saw him, I just wanted to slap him.

Hildi leave the show? :eek:

I love Hildi. I’m pleased every time I see she’s going to be one of the designers. Where else can you see such complete insanity and lack of compassion for the people who will have to live in this room? She’s a wingnut, and that’s what good reality TV is based on.

AFAIAC, they don’t need to dump any of the designers, as long as they’re prevented from using brown, brown, or brown.

Then again, Hildi DOES have a knack for sticking odd crap to walls…had she done MY bathroom, the ‘reveal’ would have featured me using Hildi’s FACE to scrap all them frikkin’ flowers off the wall.

My wife turned me on Trading Spaces and we now have a great time hooting at the show: “No, Frank, no murals!”, “Omigod, she’s spray painting the couch!” etc. A guilty pleasure, like Iron Chefs.

I agree, Paige is a fox. But, oh that Genevieve.

BTW, whatever happened to the Lamp Lady? She made Hildi seem like Frank Lloyd Wright.

I never really appreciated Paige Davis much before.

I didn’t think anything bad about her, necessarily, but I didn’t think hosting a show like that required any special skill. Before.

I mean, I used to think anybody could do that. Before.

Then I saw a show called “While You Were Out,” and I instantly understood how great Paige Davis is, and what an important job the host has.

Rock on, Ms. Davis.

IIRC, in the first season Hildi was brilliant. That has colored my image of her and prompted my penchant for forgiving any transgression. But if she’s going to “experiment” she should do it on her own time. I’ve heard that part of the designers’ role is to do something that’ll create friction. I’m okay with that. Sometimes she, and others, can go overboard.

Did anybody here see the host(ess) before Paige? I don’t remember her name, but, boy, was she lame. Very much like the current host of “While You Were Out”. Why did they keep boring Theresa and lose that cute Anna Bocci (sp?)? Bleah!

I also feel that I must say a little something about Doug:

  • Yes, he’s arrogant.
  • No, he doesn’t deserve it as much as he thinks he does.
  • Yes, some of his designs are not very practical.

But I’d have him any day over Hildi the Vandal. She put STRAW on the walls of a house with two small children. Too stupid for words. And it looked BAD!

The previous host was Alex McLeod (last name may be spelled wrong). She was on Joe Millionaire, though she looks totally different. I didn’t recognize her until I saw the credits.

The first season host (did she even make it through the whole first season?) was Alex McLeod, who could be seen recently as the “Host” on Joe Millionaire. I put host in quotes because exactly how they thought saying “I’ll go get Evan” could be counted as hosting is beyond me. IMO, Paul the Butler was the real host of that show. Alex did nothing but flounce around in extremely tacky ruffly sweaters, and she was as boring as dry toast.

If read on the TS boards that she was dismissed from TS because while she’s nice on camera, she’s a bitch on wheels to everyone else.

Thanks, guys. I didn’t watch Joe Millionaire, so I missed that. I doubt I’d have recognized her, though.

I’ve only caught Alex on a couple of reruns during the day, so I’d already seen Paige on the show, and it made Alex seem so…well, bland.

And, IIRC, I believe it said on the website somewhere that she did host the entire first season. I’m not going to link it here, because, frankly, I don’t know how (note low post count - newbie alert! :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also, I doubt anyone cares that much.

What wasn’t clear was whether the first season was a full 22 episodes.

Slight hijack but, am I the only one to hate Douglas and Laurie! I just can’t stand those two!!

and, I can’t spell Highjack…