My eyes are crossing involuntarily while looking at my monitor. Help.

Some facts:

  1. Counting college, I have been staring at some form of computer for 10 years.
  2. I have been using this laptop for 2 years. (not a new monitor)
  3. I never sit still in my chair; I perch, slump, lean back, etc. all day long.
  4. No new contacts.
  5. This has not come on slowly. It started abruptuly last week.
  6. It’s not getting better.

It’s exactly like when you cross your eyes on purpose to get those stupid 3D pictures to work. I can’t make myself stop doing it once it starts, I have to look away and then look back. I’ve even resorted to typing with one eye closed. (i.e. I look like an idiot) This only happens looking at the monitor, not while driving, watching TV or playing video games.

What’s going on?

How close is your monitor?

Are they actually crossing or just losing focus?

I have trouble keeping my eyes focused on the monitor when I’m tired and have been staring at the computer screen for too long.

Given my little dance I do throughout the day, it ranges from 18 inches to 2.5 ft

And I’m sure it’s crossing. I can see the stuff on the screen go -><-

That can happen even if your eyes lose focus, no?

Methinks you had better get off the computer awhile and rest your eyes. And go see a doc if it continues too long.

Duh. It’s the same thing, I just realized that. If I needed to focus on something closer, the eyesight path (?) would become less parallel, and vice versa.
Ok, change to “My eyes are crossing/un/re/focusing …”

Maybe that will improve my Google search. ( .)(. )