My father was NOT contacted by Publishers Clearing House!!!

My father was NOT contacted by Publishers Clearing House. Yeah I know – kind of boring, but at least I’ll respond. So ask away – what do you want to know?

I’ll bite…WTF?

But was he NOT contacted by the wife of the former president of Nigera?

Sorry, I didn’t intend to be vague. I forgot the link. This thread is to hold us over until MannyL shows up.

Do you have any very angry red squirrels hopped up on Red Bull?
If so, where do they keep their flaming nuts? And, how do they keep from burning their paws?

Do the squirrels drink the Red bull on their own? Or are you setting up some kind of contraption that holds them still so you can pour it down their little throats?

I would like to get my neighborhood squirrels all hopped up (minus the flaming acorns though), and am just not sure how to go about it.

Yours too? My father was not contacted by Publishers Clearing House- isn’t that a hell of a coincidence?

Yeah, too much of a coincidence for my taste. I’m starting to think that he did get contacted, but doesn’t want to share the prize.

Did YOU get contacted by Publishers Clearing House?

Once, by 30 minutes, in the 1960s…

You too may NOT be a wiener.