My finest hour

This morning, in the shower, I burped and farted at the same time, in the same key.

The end.

Awesome :smiley:

Doesn’t that create some kind of a biological black hole?

Only if you sneeze, as well.

Just think, if you had perfect pitch, Claptree, you’d be able to tell us exactly what note you hit. That would be truly awesome.


Well, both ends, actually.

I don’t recall ever laughing at the mouseover text before opening a thread before. Well played, sir (ma’am). Well played.

ETA: Plus, it was your finest hour? Did these emissions last for the full hour?

You fart musical tones? Cool!.

Maybe you can assign a particular smell to each musical note, and then… er… keep away from me.

What do you have a tuning fork stuck up your arse or something?

It’s sir, and thank you.

The effect upon me was so profound I quite froze up, so the event was over rather too quickly.

Ahhh. Reminds me of the time I whistled out of my butt. I was trying to “relieve a little pressure” by letting out a silent one. Instead, I got about a couple of seconds of whoooowhooowhooooowhoooo.

No idea what stars had to align to allow my sphicter to whistle, but looks on the faces of the others in the dentist’s waiting room were priceless.

You realize don’t you that this is what initiated Isaac Newton’s road to discovery.

Impressive but it still doesn’t beat the guy I saw fart so badly it made the person next to him (in platoon formation) throw up.

We know at least one of them was a bum note.

Not bad for an amateur - now hit a harmony:wink:

i laughed, i cried…

So does this remind anyone else of Crosby, Stills and Nash recounting that special moment when they sang together for the first time?