My first emergency repair in the new house; a handy MMP

I may well take you up on the offer this coming weekend, if you’re available. We’ll feed you well…

wanna come clean my house? :wink:

At our last house, the tap water was virtually undrinkable. We even made ice, the old fashioned way, with bottled water. I wasn’t listening to the man tell me about filters for the fridge water line, so we bought the fridge without all that clap-trap. Now, I don’t get fancy water through the door, but I also don’t worry about water lines leaking.

Great improvisation though, Bobbio, let her think you got the braided line to show her up a bit.

French fried nails, and a breakfast taco, sounds yummy. :wink:

Well, you know, I would, but this is my first day back at work after vacation, and they might not like it if I left…

everything stops for babies.
New Mommy co-worker brought in new baby and 3 yo daughter. The whole office is clumped around her and the kids cooing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like her and her kids are very pretty. But after a few minutes I’ve had enough. They’re all still standing around, ooh-ing and aah-ing and trading newborn stories. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids, or maybe it’s because I actually like to be productive, especially on Mondays (when I’m not playing hookie :smiley: )(or posting here :wink: ) Maybe I’m just feeling left out. Whatever. but everything stops for babies.

Oh, this drives me crazy, too. I don’t normally even go over and play with the baby. I don’t hate babies, just not really interested, you know? But everybody just has to fawn over the little rugrat.

I had a woman come in here once and tell her kid " go out and play with Anaamika while I talk here". WTF. I am not your goddamn babysitter. I am a professional. I had to play with this stupid little child, and she was a whiny one. Not even fun. We were bouncing a balloon back and forth and it bounced off her face, and she went crying to Mommy.

All this talk about plumbing … has the MMP finally gone down the tubes? Or is it all a pipe dream? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice MMP, VBob. Too bad about the antlers, but I’m glad the move is going well.

My weekend was fun. I finally got to go to the famous beach of Panama City on Saturday. The water was nice and warm and clear, and the waves (2 or 3 feet high) were fun to push through. We also snuck into the pool facility of one of the gajillion condos along the beach, using the time-honored trick of following someone else in. Fun times were had by all, and I only got the tiniest bit of sunburn, so it was all good.

After that, we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Oh, it was such a hilariously awesome movie. It had a different style than the first one: rather than a conflict between pirates and the Navy, this one was more about fighting a force of nature, kinda sorta. Like trying to beat the clock, only not. The visual effects were astounding, the dialogue was sparkling, and the story was a veritable tapestry of complex character interaction (or at least, as complex as a movie like this can get). I loved it.

Sunday I did nothing. And now, a pun, in the theme of sailing and oceans and stuff:

And now, to work, alas.

Good morning!I’ve had my breakfast(ham and cheese omelet, hashbrowns, coffee).cleaned the litter box, and swept and swiffered the kitchen. It’s only two days till the (mid)weekend, so tomorrow is TGIT.
bobbio glad to could fix your fridge. I remember when my folks got a riding mower. Mowing the lawn went from a chore to a joy(and dogbutler is coming around the turn on lap 5 of the backyard 400…) :smiley: .
rosie, I used to do the fridge thing, too.
spats those plumbing puns are awful, is sumpthing wrong with you?

Good morning all. Great OP, Bobbio! See, I knew you would do an awesome job.

I still haven’t really managed to catch up with the last few pages of last week’s MMP. I was just toooooo tired to do anything last night. I hope you all forgive me.

I did see the bit about Swampy’s neighbor. That is sad news. I think it’s very nice that you brought food and tableware. I’ve see the purple ribbon thing once or twice up here, but it’s not too common.

I’ll have to come back later and post. I’ve got quite a bit to catch up on here at work. That is the only sucky thing about coming back from vacation.

Fortunately my mind is just dirty enough that I can do this:

** <SNERK> :: IN BED! :: <SNERK>**

Know what! This weekend I’m gonna kinda sorta do what Bobbio is doing. See, we had this really neat old house donated to us at work that we are going to redo as a group home for women. The house needs some demo work first. Yank out carpets, tear down the drop down ceilings that were installed (ick!), toss out junk etc. So, a bunch of us will be down there Saturday morning to do this. Then the house will be restored to pretty much it’s original state which will be uber jake. The plans that were drawn up are some kinda f-aaaaaa-bu-lous! The house is in a little town about 25 miles south of Albeeeny and we’ve got a group of folks there all excited over this project. So, I’ll be a homewrecker this weekend. :smiley:

This reminds me of that scene in The Big Chill where Glenn Close is standing at the refrigerator, examining the contents so she can put a shopping list together. Jeff Goldblum comes by and says, “That’s the problem with those things. You have to keep you eye on them every minute.”

Well, I thought it was funny.

VBob I should be fine. Send my the directions and the time to be there. I have a new address since the last time we traded e-mails - it’s in my profile. And if you need me to bring any tools, etc, put that in there too.

This isn’t bad at all. I approve.

And I still have to go through the rest of last week’s MMP.

I forgot to mention the fortunes **KeithT ** and I got when we went out for Chinese food on Thursday. It was weird: they both were sorta things that had already occurred. His was about finding the love of your life (or something to that effect) right in front of you. Well I hope so since I was sitting across the table from him! And mine was about good changes in life, which the whole move, new job, engagement thing were. So they weren’t fortunes so much as statements of what’s been happening in our lives. Interesting but kinda blah as far as fortunes go.

KeithT had previously gotten a funny one along the lines of “Don’t waste your whole day.” Even if you add “In bed!” it’s still something your mother would tell you!

Anyway, we went to the zoo on Saturday morning. It was kinda overcast, which I think kept a lot of people away so it was a good time to go. We really like the meerkats and prairie dogs. The big animals tend to be boring because they don’t really DO anything where the little ones often run around a lot and do funny things.

Our cats are still yowling at each other. We’ve taken to spraying Nikita with water when she chases Lily. She still hasn’t figured out why she suddenly gets wet on her back when Lily is in front of her. Her facial expression clearly is “How is this happening??” She’s also getting sprayed when she eats one of the plants. She’s never had the water treatment before so she doesn’t quite get that she’s being punished and that she shouldn’t do whatever is causing her to get sprayed with water. It’s the funniest thing though. She jumps almost straight up and her tail puffs out when she gets sprayed. We just can’t help but laugh. Which causes much more trauma than the water, I’m sure. :smiley:

She is cute though. She’s started cuddling with me in bed at night, especially if KeithT doesn’t come right to bed. It’s still kinda like “Well, he’s not here so I guess you’ll have to do” but it’s still nice to be cuddled. Lily’s not really cuddly so it’s been a while since I’ve had a cuddly cat around.

Anyway, today’s KeithT’s first day at his new job. Hopefully it’ll go well for him.

We roasted an amazing pork loin last night. We created our very own apricot ginger glaze for it that was just out of this world. And we had MagicEyes’s Tibetan Curry Potatoes with it. Really good dinner.

I know I should be excited about having a washer and dryer in my apartment, but I’m getting so annoyed with constantly having to do laundry. I loved it in the past that I could do the whole week’s laundry at one time. Now with 2 of us there’s twice as much laundry and I have to do so many loads. I think I’m the only person who’d rather have a laundry room in the building than to have my own W/D. ::sigh::

Gotta get back to work! Happy Monday!

Good afternoonish MMP everyone,
home fixing business is not a task to takelightly. I have all last week helped some friends of mine, who have just bought their own apartment, fix up the place. Nothing is more excrutiating than trying to get that old plaster of the walls… also, since I have a big enough car, I drove them around town to get all them renovating nescessaries, and being the saint that I am, also endured hours at these warehouses picking the right type of paint, and floor tiles, and Og knows what else. The memories are just a blur, and my feet hurt just thinking aout it. But hey, I volunteered to do it, and in a hidden way one actually learns some fixing up things along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Sean actually approved of a couple of my puns.


Okay buddy, who are you and what have you done with the real Sean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good (barely still) morning, all! Excellent MMP, VBob. Sounds like you’re having fun digging through the detritus of Former Denizen™. And riding around on your mower. My dad got a riding mower when I was in high school; he mowed the lawn so often I was afraid it was going to end up bald. :smiley:

I had an exceedingly dull weekend. Work, work, work. See, we were going to take Wednesday and Thursday off and go to Hershey Park and ride roller coasters. So I said I’d do this ghastly huge job over the weekend. Then, of course, it turned out we’d picked the days with the worst projected weather this week to go ride roller coasters, so we rescheduled for next week. But by that point I was still stuck with this ghastly huge job. Which I wouldn’t mind so much except someone else started it and to say she did the worst job I’ve ever seen is, actually, an understatement. So I spent several seething hours cleaning up her mess before actually being able to get to my part of it. So I had an exceedingly dull weekend.

But the good news is that now I have several free days this week so maybe I can actually goof off for a change, not do any work. Maybe go to see a movie or three. I haven’t seen Pirates yet, but am dying to – I’ve not heard a bad word about it yet. So that sounds like a good way to temporarily replace riding roller coasters. A rush is a rush is a rush, right? :wink:

I could use help Saturday, Sunday, or both, but if I need to be picky, I need hairy-chested-he-man type help on Sunday more, because that’s cleanup day, when we’re throwing away trash and moving stuff around. VWife isn’t able to do a lot of that kind of thing, and it’s overwhelming for 1 guy to do by hisself.

AFAIK, I’m pretty well set on tools for the immediate jobs. I’ll try to send you a mapquest page, too.

Careful, it’s a trap…

this better stop before the whole thread goes down the drain!

Do the south-of-the-equator MMP’ers swirl in a different direction that us northern hemisphereics?

So, I had this big ol’ post done up, talking about the OC fair (the wife and I went on Sunday), the new Pirates movie (sadly, it’s not rated AAARRRRRRR), and a story about fixing stuff around the house, when I discovered a new ‘feature’ on my computer.

Say you’re just finishing up a post (“You’re just finishing up a post!”) and the last sentence is going to be ‘We had a great time.’ Well, if you slip a bit and hit the key that says ‘Ctrl’ and ‘W’ (instead of ‘Shift’ and ‘W’) it … instantly closes the window. Go ahead, try it. Well, maybe you shouldn’t, 'cause then you would miss out on the rest of my post. So anyway, it closes the window. That has a whole post in it. That you can’t get back.

I hate Mondays.

PS - It’s also really cool when you try to post something about having a post vanish, and then getting an error when you try to post the post about the post that got vanished. Let’s try that again.