Thanks for the memories, a nostalgic MMP

An old style tale to start an MMP!

For you MMP noobs that don’t know all of my back story, I used to live in northeastern North Carolina before a job transfer took me to southern Maryland. I referred, then and now, to my former residence as Cottonfield County, and the place is chock full of rednecks that make Duck Dynasty look like urban sophisticates. I loved it there.

This weekend, VWife and I did a whirlwind death march day trip back to Cottonfield County to deliver Christmas presents to some of our ersatz grandkids and to pull some guerilla merry-making. This is the tale of yesterday’s trip.

We had a mostly uneventful 4 hour drive getting there, except for a bathroom stop in Petersburg, VA, where VWife bashed her noggin on the trunk lid of our rental car. No blood, but it hurt enough to make her grumpy the rest of the day.

The first guerilla merrymaking event was a stop at Doris & Roger’s Kitchen, the best restaurant in Cottonfield County, and the known hangout of my former ambulance partner Tollie. I told VWife I was going to run in, talk to Doris if she was there, leave money to buy Tollie’s breakfast on the sly. Well, Doris was out and Tollie was in, so I picked up his tab directly, then went back to say hi. His jaw hit the floor… We couldn’t hang out because of a tight schedule, but Objective #1 was achieved, and I still haven’t heard anything from Tollie about his tab.

From there, we went to see Natalie, the 2 year old daughter of our former neighbor and rental daughter Lauren, and then Shoogie, a 6 year old girl who was a country neighbor. All I can say is kids are fun.

Stop #4 was another guerilla merrymaking. We went to Mark and Serena’s house, because Serena was giving me crap on Facebook about some Swedish cookies that are a tradition in my mother’s family. The tie in is Mark is another buddy from the old rescue squad. Having earlier given her the recipe, I decided to take her a chunk of dough and some of the special spice that goes inside, unannounced. After beating on the door for a few minutes, I got Mark out of bed. At noon… Anyway, we talked for a few minutes, and I explained my story about the cookie dough. When we got home last night, Serena posted on FB that she was in happy tears, so Objective #4 was achieved also.

From there, our last stop was with our landlords in Virginia Beach. Their kindergarten aged daughter was also spoiled mercilessly, and I got roped into researching what is needed to put a woodburning stove in our house for them :rolleyes:

The bad news is all that was also a warm up, but the good news is the story is almost over. We were missing Old Neighbor Fred, who died unknown to us last spring, at the same time Shoogie’s dad also died. Andy was the one I had mentioned that had 1000 people in camouflage show up at 6 AM for a sunrise graveside event. That is relevant because it is why we didn’t hear about Fred.

Fred and Sarah were an old black couple that lived across the road from us, and we got very close with them. Sarah had died a couple of months before Fred, following a stroke I transported her for.

On the return leg, we stopped at a travel plaza in Ruther Glen, VA, because the gas was the cheapest and VWife wanted to get something from the attached Dairy Queen. When I was done filling up, I moved over to the side exit for the DQ to wait for VWife, then fumbled with my phone while I waited for her. She finally got back in the car with her milkshake, and in a very odd mood.

“Did you see old black man behind me in the Dairy Queen?”

“Uhh, noooo…”

“This old black guy came in, shuffling slowly and using two canes. (just like Fred) He ordered a small ice cream cone, and didn’t have enough money. I still had change in my hand, so I bought it for him.”

I knew exactly what was going through her mind when she mentioned shuffling and 2 canes. “Did he look like Fred?”

“Sort of, but his voice sounded a lot like Fred’s. He told me, ‘You didn’t have to do that’. I told him I did because he reminded me of someone that meant a lot to my husband and me. He then said, ‘Well, I have to give you a hug for that’, and he did. I told him Fred would have done the same thing. Then I said to him, 'My husband will see someone somewhere that reminds him of a deceased relative, so he’ll talk to them and finish with 'Thanks for the memories”. So it’s my turn, thanks for the memories.’ "

Unplanned objective #6 accomplished.

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nice post BBBobbio

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if this is the kind of day it’s gonna be i’m staying there

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 45 Amurrkin out which is also the high for the day. The temp will drop to 40 this afternoon then down to :eek: 18 :eek: overnight. ‘Tis also drizzly out but that’s goin’ away and may have already gone away.

BBBobbio cool OP! :cool: What a great thing VWife did at the DQ! She got a great memory and made an old man happy with his ice cream cone.

Now I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence. Sigh. 'Tis Moanday!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I think I launched a dead thread.

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Good morning, happy Monday. Or something.

Bobbio, that’s a very sweet story. VWife made that guy’s day. :slight_smile:

I took Friday off not because it was still snowing, but because they didn’t plow my parking lot in time for me to get to work. As of about noon, they still hadn’t plowed, but then I fell asleep for four hours, so I don’t know what time they actually plowed. :slight_smile: Today is fifty degrees and raining. Because of course it is.

I spent my weekend on the couch, watching a variety of movies that would be just plain embarrassing to list. I am now looking forward to the first full week of work since before Christmas, and I’m not happy about it.

no you just launched it too damned early.

That was a great story, BTW. Thanks for sharing.

It’s not only blurfy here in the apartment, but it’s blurfy outside as well. Rain all day, temps in the low 50s, and tomorrow it’s going down to the teens. And by Saturdays it’ll be in the 40s again. Sheesh. At least we’re getting more daylight every day.

I wanna go to sleep, and wake up in March.

I have a day off. I hope I’ll make good use of it.

March is no good either, what with the Daylight Savings kick-in. Give me April and May, then September and October. I’ll skip the heat and humidity of summer, if you don’t mind.

It’s 21 American, winds are 22 mph, and it’s trying to snow. I’ll stay in today, thanks!

That was a sweet story, Bobbio.

Blurfy here too…
Janis Nevvy numbero uno just left to go home to Ohio (he was spending the night with us), & I have to go to irk…
Great OP, Bobbio! That was a sweet story!

Oh & since I told youI’dbringsome here yago!

My Monday morning? The garage door was iced over when I tried to open it, so it torqued and broke. It’s been disassembled enough to open it manually, but now my father is concerned I will go off the icy roads, so he’s gone to walk them and assess.

Just the latest in a line of mishaps. Christmas Eve the deluxe expensive sewing machine he got me stopped working correctly and had to be taken in (and the roads were greasy so not a fun trip). Christmas Eve at 11 PM on the way to Midnight Mass my engine light comes on. Ended up being the evap/gas cap/whatever but it was just another Thing. Monday night 12/30 I cut my thumb with the rotary cutter and had to go to the ER for seven stitches. Friday I hit a curb in the snow and ripped a hole in my tire and had to go get new ones.

I’m nostalgic for uneventfulness!! :slight_smile:

Your story has cheered me up!

Blurfity blurf.

Nice OP, Bobbio. Hope you get to return to Cottonfield County sometime.

Was supposed to be at work today, but have bronchitis instead. It appears that the meds are starting to work, though. Both cough and fever are starting to clear up.

Back to sleep…

Hugs all.


Grr. I started on one of my New Year’s Resolutions today–look for a new job every Monday. There is nothing out there and now I’m depressed. I will get back in the educational field again one day, right? I hope. I hate where I’m at now.

I’m going out for a freezing cold walk to cheer myself up. I may go to the library too. Whether or not I walk there depends on the wind chill.

Pearl came back, brought pie!

Nope. Loved the story. Just too sleepy to type.

Waking up now. 40 deg out, and the overnight low was supposed to have been 38, so there was no excuse for the frost on the windshield.

I’ve been feeling a little guilty about going to the gym and walking in the pool instead of walking outside. But it looks like that’s been exercising different muscles, because the mobility is improving. I think I’ll keep doing that.

Still half blurfy, but waking. Hope you all have pleasant, uneventful days.

Neat story, BBBobbio! And the thread’s not dead, it’s just pinin’ for the fjords.

45 and rainy here. Waiting for the bottom to drop out this afternoon.

Mawnin all and Happy Moanday

BBBoobio great story, tis nice to go home again. Please get yer innards fixed up, so we don’t have to.

Need coffee.