I had a brilliant idea for the MMP

Emphasis on HAD. Last night before I drifted off to dreamland, I had an idea for an OP this morning, and I thought if I was early enough, I’d use it.

It was brilliant.

It’s gone.

So instead, I’ll share the email response I got to the ad I placed on Baltimore Craigslist for the Harley:

I’m pretty sure it’s a scammer. ya think?

Happy Moanday!!

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 68 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 93 for the day. Summer is here in south Jawja I do believe! Thursday, Firday and Sattidy are supposed to be rainy. We shall see.

MOOOOOOM I say go for it. I bet it’s a rich Nigerian prince who will pay a bazillion USD for the bike!

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. Then, alas and alack, irk purtification must commence. I must go to the west forty first thing. That’s a looooooooong ride to the Alabammy border to start the day. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Rolls over for another 20 mins before getting up.

Incidentally, the only thing I changed was the name of the email domain. His username was exactly as in the message. Yeah, he’s a peach.

I get to go to Motor Vehicles today and try to get a new title for the bike so we can finally sell it. It’s so hard to be me!! On the other hand, I got last month’s check for my craft sales - a whopping $33!!! So when I’m done with MVA, I’ll go by the credit union. Such excitement awaits me today!

I should probably get the first load in the washer - our baskets are pretty full of dirty garmentage.

I’m up way the hell too early for a Monday, but motherly duty waits for no woman.

Everything is going well. I’m just too damn busy to do much of anything right now. The sprog is winding down his school year, after which he’s going to scout camp, his grandparents’ in Texas, and nowhere else. He’s just at the age where he’s too old and too mature for day camp, but he’s not old enough for any of the leadership programs. It doesn’t help that he’s going into 7th grade, so he doesn’t qualify for anything where he has to be in 8th grade, and his 13th birthday isn’t until early August, so he’s kinda stuck until next year. So he’s staying home this summer, where he will probably waste it watching TV, playing video games, and doing his summer reading. Hopefully, he will get a library card and find things to do at the library. Truthfully, I’d like to see him volunteer over the summer, but that comes back to the age problem. Lather, rinse, repeat…


I just did a little searching and listening, and I think what I was hearing last night were a couple of barred owls. I had no idea there were so many different owl calls! OK, I’d never really thought about it, but still, quite a variety of noises from those birds. And I now know where a screech owl gets its name - dang!!

Just thought I’d share. :smiley:

I’m gonna lose a lot of free time to that site, I can tell. :D. There’s some bird that must be fairly common around here I keep hearing that I’d like to ID, maybe I’ll stumble onto it this way.

Happy Monday, e’erybody!


I am surprisingly pain-free today. After spending 2 days with hoes (the long handled kind; get yer minds out of the gutter), rakes, shovels, and other implements of gardening destruction, I planted a flower bed, a veggie garden, and did some other chores. By the time I finished yesterday afternoon, even my hair hurt, and that’s something cuz I ain’t got much to begin with.

A fist full of vitamin I (ibuprofen) helped a bunch, and I’m just a little stiff this morning (there goes that gutter again).

This weekend I mostly found myself appreciating the costumes and sets of Penny Dreadful. Have a great day everyone.

Moooom, I think Mr. bfgbfgooly meant that message for an Atlanta art dealer, but hit the button for Maryland Motorcyle instead. Not a scam, just really stoppit.

I think we may have owls here, too. Or maybe loons. I hear the “Oooooooo” call during the day; I thought owls only made noise at night.

Up, caffeinated, off work today. Looks like rain all day. I guess i can vacuum and clean the kitchen.

Rockin’, sounds like how I wasted every summer when I was a lad.

Mooooommmm!, maybe the guy was looking for Thornton’s bag of Utz chips, because he had the munchies?

rosie, there are loons everywhere.:wink:

**rosie **- I’m thinking he C&P one of his other scammy responses, but that could just be the cynical me. :smiley:

My few good experiences with Craigslist are apparently rare bits of luck. I am disappoint!

Moooom and shoe are reminding me that sometime soon, I’d like to find sound samples of Eastern bluebird calls/sounds. There are some bluebirds that hang around the local mountain, apparently, and I haven’t seen them before, so I’d like to go to the mountain at some point and try to find them.

I haven’t done much today, but the day is still early. I must get back to work on the music arrangement soon.

Afternoon, mumpers! I have had a trying morning - was up early because Ophie was not happy to let me sleep so I got an early cycle ride to the station. The bonus is that I was early enough for a space in the cycle racks in front of the station rather than at the far end of the platform.

I was also here well in time for the panic phone call from the exams office asking where our senior invigilator was, since he’d not shown up to collect papers for the morning exam. Cue me running over to the exams office to collect them and deliver them to the venue, phoning the invigilator to find out where he was (he’d thought it was on Tuesday instead) and then racing around trying to calm the horde of students waiting outside the venue to start their exam.

Honestly, it’s not what you need first thing on Monday morning…

In other news, it’s warm and sunny outside so if it’s like this when I go home, the downhill cycle ride will be very pleasant.

Howdy from why does this place even exist Georgetown, Jawja. Seriously, there is no reason for this place to exist. Next stop, beautiful, downtown Ft. Gaines!

My tooth hurts.

Also, since moving to a quieter house, I have increased my work output by a factor of four. I doubt I’ll keep that up.

Indeed, often closer than would would believe.

Please clarify, do you mean Georgetown, GA specifically, or Jawja in general? :o

It has a boat ramp.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a sunny 70 degrees this morning, supposed to get up to 85.
We got the front postage stamp mowed.

I have lots to do today since I did very little yesterday.
I’ll pay some bills this morning and order more medicine for the dog’s ear.

Then it’s time to vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, unload the dishwasher, laundry
I brought my tapestries home but I haven’t hung them yet.

I have a copy of this http://www.chinaonlinemuseum.com/painting-lang-shining-one-hundred-horses.php and I would love to find a way to hang it.
Years ago a co-worker from Taiwan gave it to me.

Time to get some breakfast and get busy.