The meandering musing MMP

Happy Moonday!
or Moanday for those of you who have to work today.

It’s a dark cool 43 degrees outside with a projected high of 43. I guess this is as good as it gets today.

I’m up too early and if this will post instead of time out I will be starting off this week.

Holiday seasons are interesting to me, if you pay attention you can learn a lot.

For instance I learned that two middle fingers aren’t nearly enough when one has to drive in holiday traffic.

If you are going to have a sign in your car window that says ‘lose weight and feel great’ you shouldn’t drive 50 mph in the slow lane because people might think you haven’t lost enough of your big ole lard ass for your car to haul your around,

People who wait until the last minute to order gifts online shouldn’t be shocked and outraged when their packages get delivered after Christmas. It’s not like the season can sneak up on you, not with stores advertising before Halloween.

If you say Merry Christmas you offend half the people you know, if you say Happy Holidays you offend the other half. So to make life easier I just give both camps a great big old one finger salute, that way I can offend both camps equally.

Which leads me to my last meandering musing.
People sure seem to get offended awfully easily these days. I guess nobody ever taught them how to ignore things or to consider the source, or maybe just realize they are not the center of the universe and everything that happens isn’t all about them.
People need to lighten up and stop looking for reasons to be offended.

and now I have learned that preview can be your friend
and I shouldn’t post so early in the morning

and timing out when trying to fix a post is aggravating

First after the OP posted twice!

It’s good to be juvenile. :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 36 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 65 for the day. So, not too shabby I reckon.

Sari thanks for startin’ us off! I agree about teh stoopid “Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday” thing. Somebody wished you sump’n nice either way. Get over it already! SHEESH!

Ok, that’s all I got. I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants sustenance. Then, alas, 'tis Moanday, so irk purtification must commence. Oh well, at least it’s only four days this week.

Happy Moanday Y’all!


Blurf. Cough. Splutter. Yes, I have Teh Sick and I am not happy about it. Luckily I have another week before work starts again so I have time to try and get rid of it.

Nice OP, Sari - the real bitch is that there’s always someone who just has to be offended on behalf of someone else (who probably didn’t give a stuff in the first place).

I have no plans for today, there’s stuff I should do but I just don’t feel up to it. I’ve managed to get out of bed and get showered etc, that’s surely enough for one day. I shall decamp to the sofa and find some crap telly to pass the time.

I think it’s around 0 with a predicted high of 9. My horse had an accident yesterday and while seemingly o.k. (except bruised and sore) the vet is coming at 10:30 to do a full work-up. Please keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers today.

As a half-Catholic, culturally-Jewish pagan by choice, I am offended. OFFENDED, I tell you!!!

I had an eventful weekend that included a lot of presents and then much walking and fighting crowds. Do not go to the American Museum of Natural History on a rainy holiday weekend Saturday. Not if you value your personal space or the ability to actually see anything. (Luckily, I go to the museum all the time, so I wasn’t mad that little kids kept leaning on the things I was trying to read. Okay, maybe a little mad.)

Also, poison dart frogs are adorable.

Boss is on vacation and Co-Worker has been diagnosed with The Shingles, so I’m all alone with the year-end push this week. I think you can all imagine the happy cartwheels I am doing right now.

You are all on my list :mad:
not really. but jeez, give a girl a chance to wake up, huh?

Ugh… another day of irk, shaping up to be horrible as there’s no irk to actually irk upon. Just staring at an empty mailbox and when something comes in, it’s kile the seagulls from Finding Nemo. Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

The big excitement will be going to the warehouse “club” to get goodies for the NYE party. For something that calls itself a club, it’s really not very fun.

Good morning everyone. Up early to run the work truck in for more repairs in the hopes it will pass DC inspection soon. Pulls hard to the right even though it just had a brake job. I am told brakes are tricky with this model Suburban.

Spent last evening trying to track down Mike Shanahan, Redskins coach, assumed to be fired today. Got a good shot of him on the team bus arriving at Redskins Park in Ashburn VA after their game vrs the Giants last night.

Fighting a sinus infection. Joy.

Really looking forward to seeing 2014 start this week. I really look forward to all the promise a new year is bringing.

Still have a head cold. Hate head cold.

Going back to the last MMP, thisis for doggio. It’s what I think of whenever someone mentions the Packers.

Enjoying my time off. Due to an odd mix of paid holidays and “off” Fridays on our work schedule, we ended up with 17 days off this year for the Christmas break. Finished all the Xmas chores and took down decorations, so we’re getting ready for a 5 day camping trip to celebrate New Year’s. To each their own, but we love winter camping and we’re loading lots of wood in the pickup for roaring campfires. :slight_smile:

Feeling bad. A friend is going through a hard time. Not quite sure what to do or say.

Other than that, not much happening here. I’m working on pianos.

I guess with the coming New Year I should have made this about resolutions.

New Years resolutions are like laws, made to be broken.

I don’t have any this year because I don’t keep them anyway.
I have goals for the year like buy a house and get out of this place, and exercise more to take care of my heart.

I make the same resolution each year: to not make any resolutions.

Quite similar to giving up Islamic Jihad or mainlining heroin for Lent.


How did I manage to miss an entire MMP last week? I didn’t think I was THAT Nyquiled out.

Welcome back :slight_smile:

I tried to resolve not to make any resolutions, but in making that resolution, I broke my resolution.

HEY! That’s my schtick!!

as for your friend, the best thing you can do is be there for her/him, listen, hug, and be supportive.

Up and caffeinated. Somebody is on THE LIST for using my bed as a moshpit at 0400.

The early bird gets the worm. The second mouse gets the cheese.

How did you get the film of my last family reunion?:eek:;):smiley:

Hang in there, Bob the Wonderpony!

Midget, what the Cute One said.