My First Pitting: My now ex-job

Ok, this is a bit complicated and I’m more than a little angry right now, so you’ll have to bear with me on this one.

First, the background
I graduated college in December with a pretty worthless degree unless I’m going to law school.(Which I am, in August) So, with this worthless degree and the fact that I’m going to be leaving the area in August, my job options were pretty limited. That’s ok, though. I understand that doesn’t neccesarily make me an attractive hire. So I had to take a job as a temp employee for educational testing company, which we will call Company X. (Company X is a big worldwide-type company and its probably a bit unseemly for me to name them in this post, as it is such a big company and this was just one small division that dicked me over)

Now my job was to handscore junior high essay tests from various states that Company X had contracts with. It was pretty menial work and I had to drive an hour and a half to get there, but whatever, it paid well. I started there at the end of March.

Ok, so with that in mind, on to the pitting.
The deadline for the contract I was working on was supposed to end last Friday. However, my group was way behind schedule, so I had to stay overtime every day last week (sometimes to 7:30 or so) to make up for my groups lackluster performance.(That’s a whole other story) I even came in on Saturday and worked 5 hours, but still the project was not complete and I was scheduled to be transferred to a new project on Monday. Soooo…my supervisor asked me and a few other people to stay on the project Monday to finish it up. Ok, I said, as long as I still have a spot reserved in the new project. I was assured that I did. But as I’m walking around the building, I can see that all of the spots were filled. So I’m kind of nervous and I go to talk to the floor manager. She assures me my spot is safe.

Ok, so I come in Tuesday and guess what? “Oh, we’re so sorry. We made a mistake and gave your spot to someone else. But don’t worry, we’ve got a new project starting tomorrow and your name is at the top of the list, since you’ve worked so hard for us and whatnot.”

I come in today after my hour and half drive and you know…somehow my spot in the new project got taken again and they don’t have anymore projects starting till September. So I go up to the woman I talked to yesterday and ask her what the hell happened. She then proceeds to lie straight to me. “Oh, we’re sorry. Someone else took your spot. It happens. There’s nothing I could do.”

“No no,” I say. “You hired too many people and you didn’t care that people just lost their jobs. And now you’re lying to me, just like you lied before.”

“I’m sorry. Someone else made the mistake.” she says, knowing full well that I know she’s the one in charge of hiring. “We might have some positions open on the night shift. Why don’t you try then?”

I’m just at my wits end. I worked something like 48 hours last week trying to get this project done on time. I more than doubled my average output. I worked through breaks. I came in early. And this is how they repay me…

Sounds pretty sucky.

But jobs like that are self-Darwinizing. Be glad you’re out of there.

All I can say is “get used to it”.

You will always work for assholes, unless you work for yourself (even then, sometimes!).

There’s a word that describes people who find themselves in your situation.

That word is “sucker.”

Well I already assumed that. That’s my own fault. I’m more mad that I was lied to so blatantly and so repeatedly.

I mean, geez, tell me hiring too many people is just how you operate. Tell me thems the breaks. Tell me you don’t like my fucking suit.

But don’t tell me somebody else made a mistake.

Jpen, I understand how you feel. I’ve worked in standardized testing for the past 5 years. First of all, you’re right. I could explain what happens, but that would require a very long explanation. But, yes, people are moved around and projects are moved from scoring center to another scoring center. The number of readers are also adjusted frequently. Anyway, email me if you want more details.

I appreciate any info you might have, but I’m kind of washing my hands of the entire business.(It’s not like I’m planning on making a career out of it or anything.) In fact, I think I’ll ceremoniously burn my security badge tomorrow.

But I will say, I can’t imagine that its very good for business to have your employees, even your temporary ones, worrying about being replaced any moment. Doesn’t really breed worker confidence.

If nothing else, I learned a valuable lesson about trusting people.


Does Company X happen to be HQ’ed in New Jersey? Overpay the CEO and profoundly underpay every else? Frequently cancel projects on little notice? Not give scorers enough training or support? Because if it’s the company I know that does that I hate them, too. :wink: They suck.

Gee…we might have a winner.

Maybe not, though. A lot of companies are HQ’ed in New Jersey.

Actually on second thought, I think the company might be headquarted in California, however I am in New Jersey and everything else you said sounds rather familar.

Yeah but not a lot are involved in educational testing. I think I know which company you’re talking about. They deserve all the pitting they get.

The Company X has offices in CA but an HQ in NJ.

I better stop now before I get into trouble. They do have a few good points . . . just not enough to justify the pay raises for those at the top and the pay cuts for everyone else.

Well, lets just say one part of the company was founded in California and still has headquarters there and the other part has headquarters in New Jersey, apparently. And then they merged or something.

But we could be talking about completely different companies. It could just be an industry wide situation…which is, you know, nice.

I don’t enough about my own personal Company X to know if that describes them.

Which says lots of not so very nice things about the educational testing business.


I’m guessing a recent name change

Oh wow…yeah thats me. I didn’t realize they would do it so fast.

Coincidentally, your first year of law school you’ll learn all about suing for breach of employment contracts. Congrats on getting into law school, by the way. I applied to law school partly because I felt my degree in English was “pretty worthless”. And look at me now!, still in law school…but half a somebody. :slight_smile: