My foot is crooked.

So, I’ve been having problems with my feet.

First it was my right foot. Podiatrist shot my foot up with steroids. That worked for a few months until I had to go back for another shot. I went almost a full year before it started hurting again. I blew it off for a long time because this time the pain wasn’t all that bad.

But then I started having problems with my LEFT foot. The pain was different, and oddly, the pain seemed to move around arbitrarily to different areas of my foot.

This time the doctor fit me for some orthotics. The good news is, my right foot feels great now. But my left foot is still having issues.

I just now noticed that my left foot points north-west while my right foot points perfectly north. This can’t be good.

I am wondering how it is that I’m JUST NOW noticing this?

There’s now way my orthotics could have done this right? (They’re just shoe inserts)

I’ll be setting an appointment with the doc Monday morning.