My former sister in law just died

She’s the twin sister of my first husband who is my daughter’s father. She’s the one in his family who reached out to me when we first got divorced and made sure that I knew I was still part of the family to her.

She had metastatic lung cancer and things went from finding the cancer to really bad in about a month. She passed away last night at 9 pm.

She was only 51 years old and leaves behind three grown children and three grandchildren.

I feel really bad for the family and double bad for my daughter who’s in California finishing up her year of service with City Year. She’s going to have to get an earlier flight home than she planned to attend the memorial service.

I’m going to CA on vacation and feel awful that I’ll most likely miss the service. But I’m also not in a position for a number of reasons to change my vacation plans. But I also feel a bit guilty that I’m not.

It’s just really, really sad. I feel bad for her dad that she died right before father’s day.

I’m so sorry. My condolences to you and your family.

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Sending supporting thoughts your way.