My FREAKS AND GEEKS super-duper special Limited Edition DVD set is here!!!

Woo hoo!! Best $120 I ever spent. Eight, count ‘em, EIGHT DVDs chock full o’ freaky, geeky goodies.

Mr. S and I watched some of it last night. I dreamed F&G all night. How am I ever going to get any work done over the next few weeks??

You may now all drool in envy.

Doesn’t it just a little bit make you sad though?

Oh and sorry - also yay you! I am jealous, honest! I just think that it would just make me want more more more all over again.

OMG God!!! I’m jealous as hell!

$120, though? Crap, now I’ll never get them. I just can’t justify three times the price I pay for a season of Buffy or Angel. But, my god, did I love that show! I know it’s cliche to say, but that whole series made me laugh, it made cry. I would cringe with remembered embarrassment. I can’t believe it was as short-lived as it was. It was truly a brilliant show.

Well, there is a “regular” edition selling for ~$50 on Amazon – six disks. But we went for the gold. :cool:

Does it make me sad? No. First, I’m just so glad to have all the eps (we missed a few in our taping). Second, There’s a lot of hilarious and interesting reading material in the book it comes in. Third, they really packed a lot into that single season. Would that some long-running shows had as much quality throughout their entire run.

I KNEW a lot of the kids in this show, and I was a composite of a few of them (the geeks, obviously). The only flaw I have been able to find is that NONE of the girls on the show have that feathered Farrah Fawcett do that was so popular in that era; if you didn’t have it you might as well have stayed home. But I can overlook that in light of F&G’s many other excellent qualities.

I did see the “cheaper” one on Amazon. It claims to come with a book as well. Do you have a link to where you got the Gold edition - I’d like to compare.

Thanks in advance.
I know what you mean - I was a composite of several characters too. I was a teen in the early 80’s and that show really resonated deep within me. I could relate to so much of it!

Gladly –

Freaks and Geeks official DVD page

I’m jealous! I pre-ordered the regular (non-Gold) version on Amazon and it isn’t supposed to be here for another two weeks! sniff

I ordered my regular copy through DeepdiscountDVD and got the express shipping. I’m thinking I’ll be on the line for another two weeks, as well.

I think the website describing the cost of the deluxe edition as being “a bit more” is stretching it. Going from $50 to $120 is more like a large leap.

What’s on the extra disks? Is it worth the cost?

The link I gave above tells what’s on the extra disks. Haven’t had a chance to check them out – last night we were mostly looking through the book, and then we watched parts of disks 1 and 2 (Pilot, Tricks and Treats, and Kim Kelly Is My Friend, and most of the extras on those disks). And then, dang it, it was time to hit the sack, because Mr. S gets up REAL early. Nice to watch without commercials!

As for whether the cost is excessive, we have very few things that we really splurge on, and this was one of them, I guess. We are REALLY BIG fans of this show and it was just a “must have.”

Scarlett, do you know how long it took to receive the Special Edition after you were notified via e-mail that it had shipped? Being that F&G fan is my all-time favorite show (I was Sam’s age in 1980 and now work as an A-V tech) I couldn’t jump fast enough at the souped-up version. I received the e-mail two days ago (I ordered from the F&G website) but originally thought the disks would be shipped mid-April. I’m headed to D.C. for work on Saturday for a week; can I survive a week wondering if the disks will get swiped from my doorstep? :confused:

Hijack: I’ve joined a Dodgeball league and it is the most fun I’ve had since the eighth grade. This sport is going to take off!

Hm, I trashed the ship notification e-mail once the DVDs arrived . . . I don’t think it took very long. IIRC, the ship notice came late last week, maybe Wed. or Thurs., and the DVDs arrived Monday. So you should have them soon!

Now Mr. S is working double shifts all week, and I just don’t think it would be fair to watch them without him . . . damn!

For what it’s worth, I got the e-mail notification several hours after the package showed up. :slight_smile:

I’ve only looked through the yearbook but haven’t watched any of the discs yet.


Cool, now when will they release a DVD for Undeclared ?

Omigosh, it came. Pardon the expression, but I am totally geeked.

Watched Episode 1 last night – brilliant – and one special feature, the auditions. They were just okay, didn’t really illuminate me and I’ll bet the other special features will leave me limp. I’d rather watch John Daly as Sam Weir than John Daly as John Daly. The yearbook signings are a scream, though (e.g., Cindy to Sam: “You’re still kind of a jerk…”).

Just for the heck of it, if I had to squeeze my high school self into any one F&G character, the closest would be Alan White (although the Lakers were to me what Star Trek was to the Geeks), but I grew out of it. You?

In the absence of any way of seeing these episodes through the traditional means, I have the entire first season encoded as video files on my computer. Email me if you would like to see them again, as well.

Judd Apatow’s said that if Freaks and Geeks sells as well as they’re hoping, Undeclared has a good shot at being released on DVD as well.