My friend Sammy has entirely too much time on his hands.

Here’s a picture that Sammy cleaned up of me with my Uncle Laden and Aunt Ernie:

Stephen bin Laden

Enjoy. Not bad for a monday. :slight_smile:
[sub]I really need to get him some work to do.[/sub]

Well, darn, sweetheart… It’s telling me I’ve reached a restricted area. :frowning: Is there something wrong with me or with the link?

It’s the damn link…

G-d… Yahoo is “teh suq.”

Try here.


I think the link… it won’t work for me either.

Says the image isn’t available…

Well… damn it… I give the fuck up.

Trying to be funny… and I just screw it up like always…

Just goes to prove to you how fucking stupid I am…

Please delete this thread or whatever.

Simetra, it’s all right. Free-website host sites suck syphilitic goat balls. We all know that.

The trick with geocities is to cut and paste the link rather than clicking it. Doing so, I was able to see the pic just fine.

I don’t think you’re stupid Simetra. I do think that geocities is setup rather stupidly though. :slight_smile:

Yay, I finally saw the pic! And you’re right… Sammy does have entirely too much time on his hands. :wink: