My friend's name is To Be Announced...

Hey -

He’s been lurking over my shoulder for a while now, and finally decided to get a name of his own :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I won’t be forced to flee in shame or anything…

I guess I should ask you all to be nice to him or something, but then I’d hate to decieve an innocent newbie :wink:

So please welcome… To Be Announced!

Geez, I feel like a new-thread hooker today; 2 threads in one day? And to think I’m still a newbie!

Welcome aboard, To Be Announced. Mind if I call you TBA? LeSang, or FDWTFUN is a cool kid, any friend of his is welcome.

Welcome, To Be Announced!

(I’m a little confused, is that his NAME, or is his name to be announced?)

You have excellent taste in friends, so we should get along just fine!


I thought Difficult French Name Person was feeling sad because he thought about his friends then realized they were to be announced. Then it hit him that his friends haven’t been announced yet, so he was friendless.
I think I should go to sleep now.
Oh, welcome TBA!

Let me add that I don’t think the French Named Person is difficult, but that the French Name is difficult. To pronounce. For a non-French speaking American.

O.K., Goodnight for real.

Hi, TBA. There are cookies in the cookie jar, but you only get one. And only if you finish your dinner. Have fun and don’t forget-- The monkey barks when the tide is low.

Hello everybody. Thanks for welcoming me into your opium den. You know, I am from a place about 800 miles east of the golden triangle. Thats what it used be called anyway. Well, I’ll let you ponder where that is.

I hope to embarass Le Sang Paresseux till he digs himself into an inside out hole.

in what ways… well thats to_be_announced

Thanks again…

We’ve got the golden triangle and the glowing vagina in one thread. What more could you possibly ask for?

Maybe Oldie’s buddy Crack’dOff will post in here, too.

My God, Le Sang, didn’t I tell you the rules? No more new people! First you’re a newbie, then you’re an addict, and now you’re a pusher.

Welcome to the Dope TBA. (It will never release you, trust me.)

Welcome aboard TBA. We need more three lettered people around here… even psuedo ones.

Feel free to share the good on Le Sang any old time.

LSP - you now have more thread starts than me…

  Welcome TBA

H’llo to_be_announced!
Your name sounds awfully famil…
Waitaminnit! I know! I’ve seen you in concert programs and tv programming guides!
Wow. It’s nice to have someone so famous on the boards! :wink: