My friend's sister has Thryoid Cancer

Things are going “very well” with my friend from the yarn thread (bad pun) she really like the gift. She wondered if I was spying on her on on one of knitting boards. However today she was given some bad news which also saddens me.

One of her sisters had been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. My friend does not know what stage it is but says her sister will soon.

For now please keep her sister in your thoughts. As I find out more I’ll post

If you’re going to have cancer, thyroid is the kind to have. My nephew and sister have recently undergone treatment for it, which was a relatively easy surgery (I’ve had my thyroid removed, too), and a radioactive pill to swallow. Thyroid cancers tend to be slow growing and you can live without your thyroid, although you have to take supplements for the rest of your life.

Good luck to her.


I just came here to say the same thing. It is often a VERY treatable cancer, with minimal surgery and side effects.

As he said, the best to have (if any) by far.

Best wishes and God bless.

I spoke to my friend tonight. She said her sister has Follicular cancer and they are taking out the thyroid next week

I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer in late 2006. I had my thyroid out, swallowed the radioactive iodine pill and am now on a thyroid replacement pill for the rest of my life. I was lucky my doctors found it early and I am fairly healthy these days.

I also wanted to post to say that while thyroid cancer has high survival rates, no cancer is “the one you want to get.” Sorry-everyone likes to say that about thyroid cancer, but trust me-it’s not as easy as all that. That phrase doesn’t cheer up the person who has it, so I wouldn’t repeat that to her or her family. Thyroid cancer kills people every year and unfortunately, follicular is one of the more aggresive types. I had several people who I assume were trying to cheer me up about my diagnosis tell me I had the “good” kind of cancer, that I “barely had cancer,” that it was “cancer-light.” Those phrases didn’t help me and made me feel like I shouldn’t complain or ask for help.

I am happy to post or PM some tips if you think your friend’s sister would be interested. There are a few things I wish someone would have told me before going in, but I hate offering advice when it is not asked for.

I do wish her all the luck and prayers in the world. If it has been caught early enough and there are no complications, she will be feeling back to normal (or better) within 6 months.