My frogs make noise!

So, I’ve had these african dwarf frogs for a while now, but since they’re tiny things they aren’t going to make loud noises. Sometimes I hear this weird creaky noise when our office is quiet, but I could never figure out what it was. I thought maybe it was my computer, ears, or something outside.

It finally dawned on me today: My froggies are squeaky little beasts! I’ve only ever heard them when it’s dark and quiet, usually early in the morning. So cute :smiley:

My turtles do the same thing. Most people don’t know that. late at night when it is quiet, you can hear them squeaking at each other.

Well, if they’re squeaking that much, shouldn’t you oil them?

Laying in bed and hearing the “neeeeep” “neeeeeep” of my African Dwarf frogs always makes me smile.

I used to have 3 fire belly toads and I loved listening to them sing. And when I put crickets in for them to eat, the crickets would sing, too… it was a regular Wild Kingdom!

I have a White’s Tree Frog and she is LOUD. No squeaking, but every now and then she lets loose a “braapbraapbraAPBRAAPBRAAPBRAAPBRAApbraap” that makes you wonder how something that small can make a noise that big. The first time someone hears it they jump and look around trying to find out where that strange sound is coming from. I did, too.

My roommate’s mice sometimes squeak in the night. More often, they make noises while they’re scrabbling about that almost exactly sound like Roommate typing at her computer. This confused my sleep cycle for a bit, because our room doesn’t get much sunlight so my main cue that it’s morning is that Roommate is up.

So the voice of the turtle really IS heard in the land, huh?

And Not A Platypus, don’t discount them because they’re small. I had a spring peeper once (raised it from a tadpole). They’re TINY. The average size is at the smallest end of the African Dwarf range.

One day, this incredible RACKET started up…like the biggest goddamn cricket you’ve ever heard. BREEK! BREEK! BREEK! BREEK! BREEK! My entire family was trying to figure out what could possibly be making such a loud sound…until we noticed that the peeper’s throat pouch was going in and out in perfect time to the sound.

I think only the boys sing. At least with African Dwarf Frogs. Are you sure your Tree Frog is a girl, Spaz?

No. S/he has a unisex name (Bobbye).

I used to have an African water frog and he would sing late at night. Neat little critter.

Our frogs just sit in their ponds and say BONK all night, and by golly after two or so years of lonely calling they did just that - ponds full of spawn. They’re striped marsh frogs. My father in law slept over once and thought it was a tap dripping, he spent half the night looking for the faulty faucet. Click on the “hear it now” link in that page to hear it!

I knew someone who had a frog that sounded like Barry White. It would say, “Baby, baby, baby, baby…”