My Fun-Filled Fishing Adventure!

I grabbed a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and loaded up my jon boat into the back of my farm truck and went down to this little lake near me that they just opened a public access for, just to see what it was like.

As I am putting my boat in the water , I noticed this ENORMOUS inflated thing on the beach on the south side of the lake. It was hugely huge, had to be at least 40 yards long and 15 feet high. This will come into the story later.

I fished along a weed line for about 30 minutes and had nothing so I rowed (no motorized boats allowed on the lake) over near a bunch of cattails. I caught a nice walleye and a couple of good sized bluegills over the course of about 40 minutes. Not too intense, it was turning into a nice relaxing afternoon, which is exactly what I was after.

All of a sudden about 50 kids come shouting and hollering down on that beach, they push this huge inflated thing out into the water underneath a tall diving board. Then they line up on the dock and start jumping on to this thing and bouncing off of it. They are making the most godawful racket and some asshole lifeguard is constantly shouting at them through a bullhorn.

My serenity is destroyed, but I am still catching the occasional fish so I decide to tough it out for another half hour or so. About the time I decided this, I reel in one of my two lines to cast it back nearer the cattails. I notice half the nightcrawler got nabbed, so I reel in the other line to cast it near the cattails and then I will change the crawler on line #1.

As I am doing that, I hear a rattling in the front of the boat, I look over just in time to see fishing pole number one thrashing around and go over the side of the boat! That half a crawler was dangling in the water and a big old walleye nailed it and stole my fishing pole!

By this time I am just laughing like crazy, what else could go possibly wrong!? I decide to call it a day. I had some water in the boat that I wanted to bail out before I started rowing to shore, so I dump the fish from my bucket onto the floor of the boat so i can use the bucket to bail water.

I’m bailing the water, watching the fish flop around in the boat, when the one really nice walleye that I caught, about 18", gives a tremendous heave and jumps back into the lake! I was laughing so hard I was crying.

To top it all off, as I was rowing back to the dock, Cash, my dog, decided he wanted to go for a swim so he jumped out of the boat and swam to shore. That gave me the opportunity to drive home with a soaking wet dog in the cab of the truck, and of course he wanted to lay his head on my leg while I was driving.

Hell, I’ve had those trips. All you can do is laugh because if you don’t you’ll cry. A few weeks ago I reeled in a tuna head. A shark got 3/4 of it. I thought it was feeling light as I reeled it in!

You know what would put this over the top? The dog putting a hole in the inflated QE II. As you watch it sink a python and alligator are thrashing around trying to eat each other. A sandhill crane flies over and poops on your head. On the way home you hit a turkey that puts out your grill. One mile down the road you hit a deer, that takes off the side mirror and breaks the windshield. Half way home you get pulled over because the trailer lights are no longer working. You look back to see what the officer is talking about, but the boat isn’t on the trailer anymore.

It was way too interesting for a real story though, as in a may you live in interesting times, type of way. Glad it wasn’t me. Did you meet a gypsy on the way?

That’s where they get light tuna? Who’d have thunk it.

Last fishing story.

I thought this funny adventure would have had more responses. August West you at least made me chuckle.

Thanks HD, I was glad to be able to laugh through the experience rather than get frustrated, probably better for my blood pressure!

If you’ll allow an anecdote. This last April I was fishing opening day with a good friend of mine. He’s got one of those Bass Tracker’s and we were standing there with 30 boats in our sights at least, I lit the obligatory fisrt cigar for fishing season. And prepared to throw my line in then 6 a.m. came along.

6:01 p.m.

Line goes in with a small 1/5 ounce Rooster Tail. I’m pulling it in, take a big puff on the cigar - and WHAMMO!! A huge hit on the line. I excitedly inhaled fully with a full on puff of cigar smoke bellowing into my lungs.

BLAGHSFALAGHS!!! COUGH, COUGH, COUGH. I turned green… barfed on my buddies fish finder and knocked the piss bucket onto the carpet.

not good. I won’t be invited back.

I assume for this story the piss bucket was used. Ha Ha in a Nelson Muntz way.

Of course the piss bucket was used :smiley: it was damn near half full. We got there an hour before to secure a spot and had to have a piss bucket especially with the copious amounts of coffee being drunk. Also, the 6:01 should be (am) not (pm).