My garbage can is full of pee

Every Thursday morning, I go to fetch the garbage can and discover dog pee. The garbage collectors leave the can on its side. The neighbors dog pees on the inside. I pick up the can, the pee runs to the bottom of the can in an odiferous wash. (Picking up the can from the bottom lets the pee into a crevice from which it is difficult to extract it.)

Hosing dilutes the pee but does not eradicate it. Winter is coming and hosing will be a problem.

It would probably be unreasonable to take the garbage can and pour the dog pee on the neighbor’s car upholstery, right? Yeah, I thought so.

<tangent> And all you dog walkers can stop pissing on my no parking sign. </intentionally ambiguous tangent>

Have you tried talking to your neighbors?
Or leaving a six-pack on top of your garbage can with a note asking the garbage collectors to please leave the thing standing up after they go?

How very typical of bourgeois attitudes toward the working class! A “six-pack”! Didn’t even consider a tart and sassy merlot? A snappy young chardonnay? A CD of show tunes? A couple of tickets to “The Vagina Monologues”?

Spay the can down with ammonia, the dogs will stay away from it. You may have to do it a couple of times.

Uh “spray”

Remember folks, always be sure to spay or neuter your trash cans.

luci: hilarious!

So… I should’ve said “two six-packs?” :wink:

Full disclosure: I have actually been a garbageman. Made as much as my salary recycling for repair appliances, TV’s, stuff like that, that weren’t really broken.

To my dying day, I will never outgrow my burning hatred for one class of person: people who dump their cat litter without bagging it, in the warm summer rain. It creates a mixture of exotic hyrdrocarbons and methane that you cannot imagine.

If you do this to your garbageman, and he cores you with a corkscrew, and I’m on the jury…he walks.


Yeah, neighbor’s dogs…that’s it.

:: Looks around nervously ::

My garbage gets picked up late, so I’ve met my garbagepeople. If I gave them a sassy merlot, they wouldn’t know what to do with it.


Mine would, if you picked Merlot up from a corner on Two Notch.