My gf's birthday present

My gf’s birthday is a month from now and I don’t have it bought but I have it picked out. She’s big into 4H shooting sports and hunting but she never had a gun that was her own, she always borrowed one from her dad.

I’m getting her a pink .22 rifle. She has talked about seeing one at a local gun shop and how much she admired it.

Anyways, her and I are gonna be on vacation together over her birthday. We’ll be two states away from here visiting some of her friends.

Now, should I give her the rifle before the trip, after the trip, or somehow try to hide it in her (crew-cab Chevy) pickup with my luggage and give it to her on her actual birthday? The gun will be unloaded and this will not violate any laws, so that won’t be a problem.

If you’re not going to use it on that trip, my recommendation would be to take a photograph of it in your house, like on her desk or something. Then, when you’re actually at her birthday, show her the photo and say, ‘hey, babe, it’s waiting for you at home.’

Good idea. But we could use this on our trip. Her friends live on a farm so we could use it just fine.

This would be a no-brainer if it wasn’t such bitch to hide a rifle in a pickup.

How about having the farm friends buy it and keep it for you? Or can you buy it mail order and have it sent directly to the friends’ house?

Firearms via mail order are complicated since they found out Lee Harvey Oswald got his rifle that way. Now, if you purchase a firearm mail order, they can’t send it to you, they have to ship it to a licensed firearms dealer (hereafter LFD) near you where you have to go pick it up. So, if you want the rifle at your friends on her birthday, you can either take it with you (unloaded and cased, of course) or find LFD near your friends, ask your local LFD to send it there, and ask your friends to pick it up for you there.

There might be other ways to get it there, but the way I described I know legal.

Taking your statement at face value that all the traveling (across state lines) with a firearm is legal (I really don’t know the laws WRT to that). I’d give it to her right before you leave. It’ll make the trip a lot more fun if she’s really excited about the new gun. Double that if you can take it with you and are able to use it at the destination.

Can’t you just shove it in your gun case? It’s not like she has any reason to look in there.

The safest way to cover state law is unloaded rifle in a locked container (trunk suffices), ammo separate. In a pickup, it could be trickier, so check on that if going through CA or similar. Although if you mean 2 states from SD, I don’t see any issues.

“Pink .22” is not very specific! What kind were you two looking at?