My wife REALLY loves me (anniversary present inside)!

Our 13th anniversary was on August 19th. We exchanged cards and went to dinner - a typical non-life-changing anniversary, since it was nothing overly-special: number 13, and not 10, 15, 20, 25, etc…
Well, imagine my surprise when I find out that she had bought me one of these. (BER# J391250)

I was…well…I was ASTOUNDED.

It arrived 3 weeks ago…a week late for opening day of dove season down here in Texas, but you know what? I still think she loves me. :smiley:

Holy crap. That’s NICE!

She loves you alot

WOW! Nice woman! Congrats!

Beautiful gift! Congratulations.

Nice gift.

Although how long 13 years? give it another couple years then hide the amo. :wink:

I am joking… Congratulations.

Americans weird me out.

Papa Tiger is drooling. Congrats!

Me too. I find the idea of giving a gun as an anniversary present to be quite bizzare. Must be that cultural gap again. That said… um, they look like pretty guns. :eek:

Howdy, to you folks from Down Under. Here’s a way to look at it:

I really, really, REALLY enjoy bird hunting (if that wierds you out, well, not much I can do about it). I’ve been borrowing a shotgun for this pursuit for the last 4 years. My wife merely provided a new tool for me to pursue my hobby, which I think qualifies as a sensible reason for the purchase. :smiley:

Oh, and I suppose I should clarify - I called it a “hobby,” which is the best way to describe something that can be outrageously expensive with little return on the investment; but I do eat what I kill, so I’m not doing it just for “sport.”

Congrats on your anniversary. You beat me by three days. Our 13th was September 22nd. Although I do like your present, I would rather have what my wife bought me. A 36" HDTV with surround sound! Not huge by todays standards but really nice just the same. Congrats again. We’ll have to compare again next year. :slight_smile:

I got my wife, then girlfriend, a Ruger P95 Semi auto on our second Christmas together. This last Christmas I got her a membership to a gun range, then we moved a month later. :o :frowning:

Shit! Maybe I should remember that preview is my friend. You beat us by a month and 3 days.

I got you all beat, but I can’t tell you what my wife gave me. You’ll just have to trust me.

Wow, that is a nice gun! Quite a woman who can not only give you a gun but then be ok when you go out and kill doves with it.

As much as I don’t like the whole gun ownership thing, I can at least appreciate hunting, in so far as I come from a locality that was pretty big on duck shooting. Didn’t like the idea much, but accepted it.

However, not only do I tend to think of wedding anniversaries as being a romantic kind of day and a rifle is not at all what I’d call a romantic gift, but also the fact that a lot of other people seem to consider the gift not unusual in the slightest, and they actually are envious.

So therefore: Americans weird me out.

Hm. I’ve never loved a man enough to give him a gun before…

Shotgun, GuanoLad. Not a rifle, a shotgun. A damned pretty one, too. Not any more bizarre than a set of golf clubs. In fact, exactly parallel to golf clubs.

DirkGntly: All I gotta say is: Day-am! I be seriously impressed!

Oh, and you’d damed-well better be nice to her! She’s a keeper!

Rifle, shotgun, machine-gun, I was at least in the general ballpark. And frankly I don’t think golfclubs seem very appropriate either. Birthday, yeah, even christmas, but not anniversary.

Clearly I’m in the extreme minority here.

So 50 years is gold, and 13 years is apparently firearms. Duly noted.

Just in time, too, as it’ll be 13 for the wife and I next June.