My "girl" name is becoming trendy.

Please tell me it isn’t “Kaya”.

I intend to name my daughter after “good ganja”.

When I was in my early 20s, I really liked the name Matthew, and decided if I had a son, that would be his name. Then a friend named her son Matthew. Then I started running into it everywhere. I work with 2 Matthews who are of that same generation. Guess I’m lucky I didn’t have a son.

My daughter is Sarah. Not a rare name, but it wasn’t all that common,or so I thought. One year, there were 3 of them in her class. Ya can’t win. I should have gone with my first preference and called her Ruth.

My mother’s first preference was to call me Shad.

My dad said, “Hell if you want to call him Shad why not go all they way and call him Carp!?!?!”

I’m glad they chose Brad.
(There’s nothing wrong with Ruth either but first preference schmirst schmeference. See our first pref above.)

I’m fairly young (early 20’s), so kiddies seem far in my future, however, I’ve already got their names picked out. Barring any objections from whatever the future spouse should want, it’ll be Kevin for a boy and Lydia for a girl. Just 'cause I like 'em. This, of course, assumes I don’t choose to adopt a child past infancy, which is a possibility.

My name - Karen - appears to be somewhat uncommon for my age group, which is interesting to me. All the Karens I know are about 10 years older.

starts imagining his future life with Karen, Kevin and Lydia

Sandy:Summer and Sky are very popular at the moment, and together they sound beautiful

I love practically all girls’names apart from Jenny and old-fashioned ones like Ethel, Hilda, Mavis etc. etc. Boys are a bit different-it’d be Harvey, Matthew, Philip or something like Kerry or Ciara-Irish and unisex. In NZ, we had many more unisex names, things like Brooke or Devon or Kerry or Kim. Mother worked with a guy called Field Candy…:slight_smile:

For a girl, I’m rather taken with Chicane. Great band, it’s a different name and as a motor racing fan it’s suitable. And it’s defined in the dictionary as ‘a flowing set of curves’-what better name for a girl? :slight_smile:

There was a newstory blurb a couple of days ago about a high school volleyball coach in NV who only had to remember one name for his team: Caitlyn. All the girls are named Caitlyn, except one Kaitlyn.

I am pretty sure this is a sign of the apocalypse.

Oh YEAH! Try adding something unique and original like MILLER! :smack:

And Collin’s getting popular? Bleh, Sorry kiddo, I thought I was staying nice an scottish. Between two kids, I’ve got Collin Michael and Alexander Ryan.

Ryan? Why Ryan? It’s the name of a small municipal airport my dad flew into(*) when I was a kid.

  • = ‘landed at’ not ‘became one with’

When I have kids I’ll try and make sure I don’t pick names that are too popular. A lifetime of

“Not you, the other one…”

“Gemma!” (pause) “Gemma!”
“Oh sorry, thought you were talking to someone else…”

will do that to you.

Hey OP: so what’s the name you’ve picked out?

Anything Celtic is trendy. Aidan, Caitlin, Ryan, Brian, Colin… Everyone trying to honor their Irish heritage. Oddly enough, when I researched my Scots-Irish ancestors I found far more Johns, Alexanders, Jameses and Marys than Aoifes, Roisins, Connors, or Padraigs.

I wonder what the next ethnic craze will be? German? Imagine kindergarten classes full of little Gunters, Hildegardes, and Gaspars. Hungarian? Illona, Mihai, Pal. It could go on forever. Romanian. Indonesian. Fijian. Tibetan. Cambodian.

I ain’t spilling. I got a shot at this thing not going any higher still…

And here I thought I was alone picking out names for my kids well before I had them! Badbadrubberfiance and I have talked about having kids (we both want them), and have picked out a boy’s name and a girl’s name. Our first some will definitely be named David William (David for my father, William for his). It’s tradition in his family for a grandson to get his grandfather’s name as a middle name, and since my father has only daughters, I’ve always wanted to name one of mine after him, since we’ve always been very close.

First daughter, possibly Sophia Ada. My fiance wanted Ada Sophia (Ada was his choice, Sophia mine), but his last name begins w/ an “s”, so the poor kid would have the initials ASS. Sure, maybe if I hated the kid…
Sophia Ada is less definite, though. That one will be thought over a little more before we actuall name her.

Og help us if we have twin boys or girls as our first, b/c we have no alternates picked out yet.

Well, our discussion started when we were coming up with names for the dog. You don’t want to waste a name that you’re considering for a kid, on your pet!

I once had a boss that had named his boxer (who he brought with him to the office) the same name as my daughter.

Hey, my name is Carla and for most of my high school there were at least two of us and usually three in the same class. It was a small school (graduating class less than 50), too.

So what are you naming her? White Widow? Jack Horror? Kali Mist? Durban Poison? :smiley:

I had a sort-of friend a couple of years ago whose first name was Kaia. Which was, as she figured out, Jamaican for Marijuana. She wasn’t sure exactly why her parents gave her that name - dad being a minister and all - but her sister was something like Susan or Karen.

My name is Carla, too, but I was in high school before I had any classmates with that name. It’s my middle name that’s unusual–Daneen. I knew a kid who had that name, but it was because her parents heard my name and liked it. Again, I was high school age before I met another girl who had the same middle name. Some guys were teasing her about it, too. I was happy to be able to tell her that she wasn’t the only one! Since then I’ve only seen one other person with the name, and once I even heard it used in a movie (Johnny Dangerously)!

My vote on naming kids is that unusual or uncommon is OK, but just remember that kids like finding their names on those personalized keyrings, pencils, etc. For years, no one ever had “Carla” on anything like that, and it’s only fairly recently that it’s become available. I used to hate that! Nowadays, it’s easier to find some of the less common names, but I bet you’ll still have to special order names like Brwnthwyn or Aeylrn.

yes, I made those names up! :slight_smile:

Not all of it! Only carefully pre-screened episodes that pass the Dad-Prude test. (Dad’s much more of a prude than Mom.) He didn’t see a whole lot of the last season, IIRC. :stuck_out_tongue:

About 20 years ago, my brother and sister-in-law named their schnoodle Jessica (so she was call Miss Jess, Jessie, etc). My sister-in-law’s sister was pregnant at the time, and was stumped for a name…yup, called the kid after a schnoodle.

We four have unusual names, mine cos of its spelling (I’ve seen only one other girl who spells it my way, and that was a Bond girl actress, and I’ve seen it as a surname); my sister is Debra (b. 1950) because my mum didn’t like Deborah, and my brothers are Slade (1954) and Kurt (1956). Combined with our surname, people who meet us expect us to be German, and I have been complimented on how well I speak English. :smiley: